Sunday, April 28, 2013

And We're Back....

And We're Back

After several months, I decided this weekend to get back at it with my posts. Why? Well some things need a rest. I did both mentally and physically. After finishing a 45 mile ultra marathon in April of 2012, I took a break from running for a few months. Felt strange, but it allowed the body to heal up from 10 years of non-stop races and training. No times to hit. No mile barriers to break each week. My body and mind just said stop. So I did. Didn't run much in May, June, or July. Did quite a bit of outdoor swimming and had great cycling days but that was about it. No races. No training plans. Enjoyed coaching several people and watching them make fantastic progress towards their goals. That, was truly special! A different person has emerged from that rest. A more appreciative person of the little things that make us all go. So I declare that it's time to have fun!!!

It's time for Miles With Mickey to hopefully make you laugh a bit. Ponder something crazy that I have said. Appreciate training suggestions without first consulting a magazine to compare. And maybe even learn something.

Things to Ponder

With that in mind, you must know that during this past summer I went through some informational blood work to determine the food things that I might be allergic to. All to relieve headaches and stomach trouble. After the results came back, I have now been blessed with the information that I need to avoid gluten, dairy, yeasts, and other things that have taste. My nutrition plan that I was on for so many years is history. Those yummy 600 calorie bars, gels, proteins with any kind of dairy products in them, yummy carbs, and a number of other things are gone. I find myself drooling at the pastry counter at stores now. Woefully looking for someone to offer me a sample. That couldn't hurt could it? Today as I was out on a training ride, I spotted a bird feeder with some birds on it. No I don't know what kind of birds they were. Just birds. My first urge was to storm the feeder and take it over and eat all of the grain hat it contained. That was until I saw a dog nearby about the size of a cow. Then O pedaled on and only looked back with eyes that knew it would have had taste.


Fruits, Veggies, certain meats. Feeling great now. Hummm  hint hint. Nutrition tip #1.


Today on my ride, I saw several geese lying down in the driving range of a local golf course. It was a sad sight actually. To think that they were possibly trying to hatch a Titleist golf ball. Shouldn't someone tell them. Yes, your young one will have dimples but there's something else you should know...

Until next time..have fun, keep you path safe and full of the sunshine you know best!