Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day/ Kansas Ironman 70.3 Update 7

Interesting day today. Swim workout (1800 meters) was sluggish. One of those days. My late afternoon swim yesterday I think really had an impact on the early hour swim today. I'll have to learn better timing. Quality not quantity. Rested quite a bit today after a short spin of 10 miles. Put in some extra fuel and feel much better this evening.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) I speak at the start of a middle school running camp and I am excited about that. Topic will be "At the Starting Line, We all Line Up Together". Focus will be that through proper training, coaching, and nutrition we can all accomplish great things no matter what our level of ability. This camp is a great opportunity for these kids to learn about so many things about running and be together with their peers and enjoy the fun of running.

During my swim and ride today, I was constantly thinking about what today meant. Memorial Day. Over and over in my head I thought of countless people who have impacted the freedoms we enjoy everyday. As I was pulling myself out of the pool, a little tired and sluggish, I thought of the many servicewomen and servicemen that are defending our country as we speak as well as those that have gone before them. That each day they experience fatigue and long hours of physically and mentally demanding efforts. They muster up the courage to forge ahead and do the best they can every single day and night. As I sat on the edge of the pool at sunrise, my feelings of being tired did not seem justified. They would only be temporary.

I can't imagine the pain the many men and women have faced leaving their families to serve our country for extended amounts of time to both near and far away places. I can also not imagine the pain of those families that have lost loved ones in the line of duty. The ultimate sacrifice. Generation after generation of men and women have served in various capacities to protect our freedom. To them and their families I say thank you and God Bless.

Our family today remembered my Dad as we placed flowers at his grave. We also remembered my wife's Mother, Dad, and Brother and the wonderful moments that we all shared. As I looked across the cemetery, I saw so many brightly arranged flowers and messages and even a few balloons and it made me feel both sad and happy. Loved ones missed. Memories celebrated for what they brought to the lives of their loved ones.

Memorial Day. The hope for peace is never ending. God Bless you all!

Forward we go! May the roads, trails, pools, and lakes be happy and safe and may they bring you peace of mind!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Kansas Ironman 70.3 Update 6

The Kansas Ironman is one week from today. Can't wait. Will start getting Transition things set out this week. Bought some really bright beach towels so that it would help me find my things. Starting to plan food and hydration intake requirements and plan how and where to fit them in and what times.

Have been noticing an abnormal number of snakes that didn't make it across the road the past few days. What's up with that. Big ones and small ones. It's like they all decided that it looked better over there and went for it. Bad timing. Heavy traffic weekend. Several other things also suffered the same fate. Sometimes hard to avoid on the bike.

Today's Training consisted of an 8 mile run, 28 mile ride, and a 2000 meter swim. All went well. Now the taper will begin. I will do the regular swim workout in the morning then a short spin in the afternoon/evening. Used the Camelbak again today and really liked it.

Most of the nutrition today came on the run/bike, and swim times. Had salmon and boiled potatoes for dinner. Tasted real good after all of the training today.

Forward we go! May your roads, trails, lakes, and pools be happy and safe and may they bring you peace of mind!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Kansas Ironman 70.3 Update 5

Today's training went well. The swim this morning consisted of 3,000 meters of drill, swim, and intervals. The wetsuit went on better this morning and I know it was because of the Body Glide and just a second try at it. Actually did not need any help and came out ready to roll. after the workout I practiced taking it off quick like in a transition. I'll hope for people to help! The water was warm today so I did feel I was getting a little hot as the workout went on. Stroke was stronger this morning than yesterday. It's just one of those things that we can't really explain. Juts like in running and cycling. There are those days you just want to box up and keep forever, then there are the other ones. Still amazed by sunrise. The pool was so quiet and peaceful this morning and then drove by a few minutes ago and I don't think that you could get any more people in there. It was packed.

Had a great cycling workout. Rode 50 miles and met up with several others riding the Ironman course. I rode parts of it because I wanted to end up downtown to get some more things done on my bike. Traffic on the highways was as packed as the pool. slowed speed down to make sure I was more aware of the traffic. Tried a new idea today that worked out fantastic. I met last evening with the current age group world champion ironman and his wife who got third in her age group. we went over so many things about the upcoming race. So many great suggestions. Practiced putting things out for the transitions and also what things I should have at the transitions and also backups of things. They suggested that in addition to the two bottles of my drink mixture on my bike that I also ride with a Camelbak. I am trying to carry 900 calories on my bike and the Camelbak allows me to do that. I also have a new Bento Box that fits on my crossbar and in it I have the GU Chomps and Hammer Endurolytes and Endurance Amino Caps. It was also filled with my drink and lots of ice. It kept my core cool the entire ride which was fantastic. In addition to that, the drink coming out of the Camelbak was nice and cold which tasted great. It did add a little weight but it was well worth it. Try it and see what you think. For me, it's a keeper!

After the ride I did a short 20 minute run to try out running in my tri suit. Felt good to run and the suit was great. Nutrition today was done mostly on my bike but did have the same food and hydration menu as before for the swim and ride. Tonight is a "going out to eat" night so we'll see what I can find.

Tomorrow's training will be an 8 mile run, 30-35 mile ride and an hour swim.

Forward we go! May your roads, trails, lakes and pools be happy and safe and may they give you peace of mind!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Kansas Ironman 70.3 Update 4

Started off today with an early morning swim of 200's drill, kick, swim, drill, kick, swim. The 8 150's swim with 20 second break between 150's. Then I did a cool down 200. Total I think around 2600 meters. I had the wetsuit (2XU) debut today. I was uneventful actually except for the getting on and off. Wow, that is really difficult. Body Glide helped but I will have to have more practice. I will wear it again at tomorrow's early swim. As typically happens to a rookie doing an Ironman, everyone vanished when it came time to finally zip me up. Yep, let the rookie figure it out. Well this rookie did. I just went on out and got some help getting the back all together. Kinder minds prevailed. When I actually got in the water it was unbelievable how much floating power. I don't even think I kicked during the first 100 due to the fact that my feet were out of the water. The suit restricts your stroke and I will have to get use to that, but I finally got somewhat of a hang of it towards the end. It does give me some confidence as far as staying on top of the water better and not letting my hips sink. Need to keep my head down more and also practiced looking ahead without taking a breath. also, worked on extending my arms above my head on each stroke,reaching more. So tomorow, more of the same. Wetsuit episode #2. Stay tuned.

After the swim I went on a 30 mile ride concentrating on staying down on the aero bars as much as I could and also working on the gears I would use for the hills. Still not happy with my hill techniques yet. Would like to not be in the lower gears. I tried out my 2XU Tri-Suit too for the bike. Really liked it. Very comfortable and had a light feel to it. Ride was very good today. HAd good strength.

Nutrition today was not what it should have been. My fault. Took a nap and got out of whack as far as routine. One banana before swim + Hammer Nutrition Supplements during and after swim, my special mix of powder drink. Then nothing before ride, mistake stomach was growling, and after ride had Hammer Recoverite Shake. Snack this afternoon was one of my nutrition bars that I make. Dinner was chicken and a sweet potatoe. And in a few minutes I will have my before bed Casein Shake. The part that I messed up on was not enough hydration and a good blend of carbs and protein in liquid form. That will be corrrected tomorrow. Be sure of that.

Tomorrow's training starts with early morning swim, followed by a 50 mile ride, followed by a short run. Within the next few days my goal is to get in the lake and swim and on Tues and Thurs practice Transitions 1 & 2 at the lake.

Feeling pretty good tonight. But... Didn't sleep well last night at all. Put two protein drinks too close together and I had way to much energy to sleep. Shoulders were a little sore from the wetsuit changing my stroke a little. So went into today's training with 4 hours of sleep.Not good. Must get better at getting to bed at 9:00PM.

Looking forward to reporting in tomorrow night.

Forward we go! May your roads, trails, lakes, and pools be happy and safe and may they bring you peace of mind.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Kansas Ironman 70.3 Update 3

Interesting day today. Started the day a little sluggish and in a very reflective mood. That was after a night in which I was trying to identify everything I needed to do before the Ironman race. Of course no one was listening to me as I was downstairs having a snack. No on was up at 2:00AM. I mean, what do yo do when you can't sleep and have ideas and thoughts racing at an incredible pace through your brain? Have some of those bars that I make that I told you about. Yep, had two more. Then wrote down a few things. Organized a bit. Then went back upstairs and promtly went to sleep. Zzzzzzzzzzz

Today's training involved running 4 miles with steady 1/2 marathon pace repeats of each 1/2 mile with 30 seconds rest in between. Legs were very heavy for the first few and the really came back to life for the end of he workout. I was glad about that. Foot strike was better and softer. Then after the run I did an easy ride of 20 miles. Felt very good. I am a little concerned about my bike. It is making grinding/rattling noises in the gear and crank area. I just got it serviced and I am not happy. Going up hill sound like I am going to lose the bottom of the bike. May take it back this wekend. I'm sure they'll be glad to see me on such a busy holiday weekend. I know the changed the chain and I am wondering if that is it? Any suggestions. This rookie need help fast!

Nutrition was really the same as yesterday except that for lunch I went out and had an incredible vegetarian panini sandwich with a cold quinoa salad with black beans and roasted red peppers. Tonight's routine was altered a bit as I did not have dinner. Just a dinner snack between the Recoverite drink and the Casein Shake.

Had 4 groups of cars with windows rolled down yelling at me tonight. What's up with that? Seems like they try to get so close to you and yell. Highways were very busy already with Memorial Day traverlers. So let's be careful out there!

Tonight I am going to give you a challenge. A very good friend of mine and I had lunch today at a great place called the Community Mercantile. Basically a health foods store. As we talked about other stores, he posed a suggestion that we really should only shop around the perimeter of the store. That we could get everything "healthy" that we needed. Our basic body engine fuel. It's when you step into the aisles in the store that you encounter the things that are really not good for us and fairly unnecessary to our well-being. High carbs, high fat,hhigh sugars, and very processed. Mentally take a trip around where you shop and see if you could survive on the things offered on the perimeter. Then next go see if you can stay out of the aisles that give us trouble nutritionally. Make some comments here on the blog so that people can see if this holds true. I really think we have to eliminate most health food stores but take a look there too. I there a difference from the perimeter to inside the aisles?

Tomorrow's training consists of early morning swim and a 30 mile spin. The new wetsuit debuts tomorrow. So here we go. Hold on to your .....well nevermind.

Forward we go! May your roads, trails, and pools be happy and safe and may they give you peace of mind!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Kansas Ironman 70.3 Update 2

Today's training went well. Started off with an early morning swim. We began at the outdoor pool and will be there the rest of the summer. The outdoor pool has 50 meter length lanes instead of the 25 meter lanes at the indoor pool. There was a cooler temperature difference when you figure in the outdoor air too. Today's distance total was 1,900 meters. The sunrise during the swim was incredible. Will probably wear my new wetsuit Friday that I got today along with my tri-suit. We also started at a new time of 5:00AM which meant a 4:00AM wake-up, dress and get the skin suit on, take Hammer supplements, and eat a banana on the drive to the pool. During the swim I drank a special energy drink mix and after the training swim I had a whey protein drink. Breakfast consisted on Peanut Butter and Whole Wheat Crackers this morning. I know, but it is good protein and carbs.

Mid-Morning snack was another banana and a Brown Rice Protein drink. Today's lunch was 3 sliced hard boiled eggs on flatout bread with pickle relish mixed in. Also, had two oranges. During the day I had 2 packets of Emergen-C for a total of 2,000mg Vitamin C in 16oz of water.

Before my afternoon training ride I had a protein bar that I make here at home that settles very well on the stomach and provides a great blend of protein and carbs before the ride or run. I usually have 2 bars. The training ride this afternoon was a 40 mile ride with 4- 10 minute threshold paces within the ride. I am really liking my new carbon aero bars. Provides a great position in a variety of riding situations and really takes pressure off my back. what a fantastic acquisition! After the ride I had a Hammer Recoverite drink and will then have dinner (Yet to be determined) and the before bed the Casein shake with a banana.

Felt good about training today. Especially the ride this evening. Weather was again a threat in the forecast as was this morning's forecast for the swim. We really have had enough rain for a while! Enough!

Friday the wetsuit will provide in water challenges as well as challenges on dry land of getting it on and off. I have had some great suggestions of using Body Glide as well as plastic baggies to help get it on and off. I may charge admission Friday just to watch the rookie struggle to get the suit on for the first time.

Tomorrow is a short run and a shorter ride. Will give you the full report tomorrow evening.

Forward we go! May your roads, trails, and pools be happy and safe and may they bring you peace of mnd!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Kansas Ironman 70.3 Update 1

Thought I would do a daily update as the Kansas Ironman approaches in less than two weeks (June 6th). These updates will include training for the day, nutrition, as well as thoughts and reflections. Some days the post will be short and I am sure some days it will be long. This will be my first Ironman (Swim 1.2 Miles/Cycle 56 miles/Run 13.1 Miles) so I know there will be lots to share.

I have run several marathons and ultras but decided that there was a need for a new adventure. So far, that has that has not been a disappointment. Each day brings new information for the mind and body to take in. Just like marathon and ultra training, there are good days and days that are a challenge. I have always felt that coaches and consultants should not coach themselves. So it is in that light that I have put my training in the hands of a fantastic coach. He has years of experience in cycling, running, swimming, and nutrition. It makes me appreciate all the more the training plans and information that I give to my own clients.

The biggest jolt in the training has been the early morning swims. Generally all of my running training before has been in the evenings then mornings on the weekends. Not so anymore. It's wake-up at 4:00AM and swim for it!

Here is a brief sampling of a schedule for the week:

Monday: 5:00AM Swim/Afternoon Spin of 20-25 miles

Tuesday: Afternoon Running Speedwork/Followed with a 20 mile Spin

Wednesday: 5:00AM Swim/Afternoon Spin 2.5 hours

Thursday: Same as Tuesday

Friday: 5:00AM Swim/Afternoon Run of 4-6 miles/Afternoon Spin of 20-25 miles

Saturday:5:00AM Swim/Morning Run of 10-12/Morning Spin of 25 miles

Sunday:Morning Spin of 2.5-3.5 hours

Nutrition has been key. With the additional training I have had to add calories to fuel this engine. A good breakfast followed by a mid-morning snack (Brown Rice Protein and a banana), then lunch and a mid-afternoon snack before afternon training, following the training I have a huge glass of Soy Milk and then dinner about an hour after. Evening snack consists of a large Casein Portein shake. Hyration has increased big time even though at first I swallowed enough pool water to keep me going for several days. Electrolytes have also been very important as there have been some mornings at swim training that I have had to deal with some light cramping in the legs. That seems to be better now.

Mentally, just getting the confidence that I can put all three of these together in one day has been the ultimate goal. Telling the brain that yes we are going to run after a 60 mile ride is difficult until it realizes that in fact we are going to do this. Also, I will be swimming in the lake soon to get the feel of the "out of pool" body experience. Today, I'm a little tense.

Today's schedule calls for a 5 mile run followed by a 20 mile ride directly after. Weather today is a threat, as thunderstorms are forecast to move in about the time I start. Hope they hold off!

Tomorrow will be a recap of today's training and a look ahead at upcoming training.

Forward we go! May your roads, trails, and pools be happy and safe and may they bring you peace of mind!