Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Big Sur Marathon Race Report/Boston 2 Big Sur Challenge

Boston 2 Big Sur Challenge: 2 Marathons, 2 Coasts, 6 Days

Upon arrival in San Jose, Ca., I knew it was going to be a great trip. The weather was beautiful and the drive up to Monterey was incredible. Still a little sore from the Boston Marathon a few days earlier, I did some light runninig and swimming training before the race. It was good to get things loose and get the blood flowing for what was to be an exciting and scenc coourse.

We stayed at the Marriott Hotel which was the host hotel. That was ver nice since it was right across the street from the Expo and one of the stops or the bus shuttle to the start. The hotel was runner ready and provided many services that were geared to the runners. Most of all they understood requests and inquiries about where the best pre-race food was located. There were many, many outstanding restaurants in the area.

The Expo was fantastic! Not huge but just the right amount of vendors. As part of the Boston 2 Big Sur Challenge, I was treated to a special booth to pick up race bib number and final instructions. All aspects of the arrangements were made very easy by the event staff and the many volunteers.

The day before the race was spent resting and keeping down as much as possible. I did go over to teh Expo and hear Dean Karnases speak which was a real treat. Pre-race dinner the night before consisted of Salmon, cauliflower masched potatoes and the tradidtional servings of bread. Lots of water of course as well as Hammer Heed during the day. I had been hydrating all week with Hammer Heed and water and also drinking Hammer Protein shakes of Soy and whey. I did a good job of hydrating. Also, took several long walks along the beach and also most of the runs were along the beach too. Wanted to keep the legs moving and ready to go.

Race day dawned with a wake-up call at 3:00AM. Whew! The earliest yet for me. I ate a banana, got ready with extra layers of clothing, got my drop bag,a dn supplements and headed down to the buses for the trip up to the start. What a fantastic send off from Berta, daughter Kelsey (Celebrating her birthday with this trip), and her boyfriend Ryan. Can you imagine them getting up at that hour to see me off? It was great. Also had great calls from Andy and Katiy that brought much encouragement! Oh, and by the way, at Big Sur you ride to the start in motor coaches. At least most of the runners did. I was in bus paradise. I love motor coaches!

We arrived at the start where the temperature was around 40+ degrees. The whole start area was organized very well with food and drink available to runners. Plenty of pota-potties. There were many necessary and informative annuncements made as well as music. There was a short delay to get all of the buses unloaded but it was minor.

The start was down a long road of redwood trees. Wow! So......After the first mile, I turned my watch off and said this one is just or fun and to enjoy the sights and sounds of the California coast! This was funtime, not a timed race for me. I haven't done that before. It was wonderful! Just enjoyed the scenery and ran at an even pace so that I could take it all in. I had run agressively at Boston and just wated to take it easy.

Here is a course video so you can see what I mean. It is about 20 minutes long but well worth it.

Crossed the finish line at 4:50. Not a problem when you are having fun and enjoying the race. I talked to so many wonderful people. Some first time marathoners, some that had done it many years. also, stopped and took pictures for a cople of people. This would be a tough first marathon though. Hammer Supplements, GU Chomps and my Brooks Infiniti's performed great. Feet and body felt good.

Post race food at the race sight was great except that I drank pineapple juice which I will never do again. Didn't settle at all on the stomach. I never do that. don't know what got into me. There was a special VIP tent for the Boston 2 Big Sur Challenge runners which was great and the is where I got my Incredible jacket. Also, got two great ceramic medallions. One for the marathoon itself and one or the Boston 2 Big Sur Challenge.

At the post race party at the Marriott which was really first class, I got to meet and talk to Dean Karnazes. That was way cool!

Wow, what a great time! Now training concentrates on my first Ironman on June 6th. The Kansas Ironman 70.3.

Forward we go! May your roads, trails, and pools be happy and safe and may they bring you peace of mind!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Big Sur Update 3

Quick update tonight as I head to bed early for the 3:00AM wake-up and to catch the bus at 4:15AM. spent the day resting, eating, and hydrating. Did some race strategy work and listened to Dean Karnazes at a runner's forum. He did a great job with his talk and gave some sound advice. Before he spoke there was a panel of running experts that also were excellent. It's always great to here about how they prepare and what they go through for their races too.

Dinner tonight was salmon, cauliflower mashed potatoes, bread and some great water! Had a good awalk to and from the restaurant so was able to get the legs in motion. Did a short run of 30 minutes this morning and nothing else today.

I'm all packed up and clothes laid out as well as the drop bag and supplements. Will probably run with a pace group tomorrow gain some knowledge from them too. Take care and have a great Sunday run,bike , or swim!

Forward we go! May your roads, trails, and pools be happy and safe and may they bring you peace of mind!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Big Sur Marathon Update 2

Time at the Expo was well spent today as there were several people to talk to about the course and their experiences with the race. It was helpful to hear the different versions. I have looked at the course map several times and will watch the video tomorrow that shows the actual layout.

Most of the first 10 miles are downhill with the major hill starting at mile 10 and going up for the next two miles. Then it's down until about mile 15 then there are some rolling hills to the finish. Many people said it's not the "up" that gets you but the "down" part that burns the quads. It will be extremely important to get a smart start to the race and have good energy for the hill and then be able to sustain that energy throughout the second half of the race. Especially after Boston.

I have decided to run with one of the Clif Bar Pace Teams just to keep my pace solid and also to gain more knowledge of the course as we go. That will be a big help for my race startegies. I have not decided the exact pace I am going to run. That may be a race morning decision.

This evening was spent taking in the sights of Cannert Row which is close to whre we are staying. Ate dinner at a great restaurant named the Fish Hopper. I think we were there about 2 hours. The food was amazing and the service was especially attentive. Evening by the ocean is a great treat when you are from Kansas. I know, waves are waves, but when you compare there to waves from a Kansas lake, come on...not goona even go there. As the tide rolled in, it was beautiful to hear the waves crashing up on the shore.

Felt better today on my run. My left knee is a bit sore but the quads and hamstrings are improving. Will cut back some tomorrow and do a 3 mile run and some pool training. Also, most of the day will be spent holtelbound and resting. I will go back to the Expo at 1:00PM to meet and hear Dean Karnazes speak. He will be running the maraton and I am a huge fan of his accomplishments! Then back to the hotel for naps and hydrating and food. Bedtime tomorrow night will be around 8:30 since race day morning will start with a 3:30AM wake-up and then catch the runner bus to the start at 4:30 for the 6:45AM start. Forecast is for dold temps in the 40's at the start warming into the 60's during the later part of the day. Wind will be in our faces most of the time. Have picked out race clothes and will probably change my mind a few more times as I find out more about the weather. I will have alternatives in my drop bag to take care of the unknowns I hope. Eating so early will pose somewhat of a challeng. My usual race scheduke will just have to take an earlier version.

It's late and I need to get the body in bed to rest. Will post early tomorrow evening and then hit the bed early.

Forward we go! May your roads, trails, and pools be happy and safe and bring you peace of mind!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Big Sur Update 1

After getting up at 4:00AM to start the day of travel to Monterey,CA, I am so happy to be here and getting ready for the second part of the Boston 2 Big Sur Challenge. Marathon #2 here we go. It was a day of sitting in airports and on planes. Thank you Southwest Airlines for your continued outstanding service and early arrivals. We flew into San Jose, Ca midmorning and did a drive up to Monterey (Staying at the Marriott) which took a little over an hour. Great views and a great opportunity to just sit back and see beautiful areas. I have always felt that airports and rental car agencies sometimes just don't get it. They just can't put all of the pieces together. Today however, it was different. Alamo did a great job, upgrading us to a larger vehicle, yeah I know it was Earth Day, and we fit all of our stuff into something called a GMC Arcadia. Two bags of clothes, one bag food and supplements, and one bag running gear. Yes, I checked my running gear again.

After a late afternoon lunch which was the size of a decent dinner, we took a walk along the Fisherman's Wharf and really enjoyed the sights. Saw a bunch (scientific term when your from Kansas) of sea lions. The Wharf had lots of great restaurants. Through the recommendation of the hotel we ate at Old Fisherman's Grotto. It was outstanding! After the meal and a few more sea lion watching encounters, I headed out for a short 3 mile run along the coast where I saw even more sea lions and also some more great places to go back to to see more of. That's one thing about a runner or cyclist in a new town, you become the scout for all of the best places to go. After the short run, I did a 20 min swin again just to loosen up things. Nice heated pool. Then it was out to a late dinner at the Crown and anchor British Pub. No beer. Just a great turkey sandwich.

Tomorrow will include a short run and a short swim. Also, I will go to the Expo which is always great fun to pick up bib numbers and bus ticket. If you have tim, go to the Big sur website and check out the virtual tour of the route and you will see whaat I am facing Sunday.(http://www.bsim.org/site3.aspx). I will be spending quite a bit of time tomorrow and Saturday studying the route.

I feel pretty good. Eating more than usual to replenish body needs faster than usual for recovery and build-up for a race so close. Legs are still sore (Quads and Hamstrings) but getting better each day. They will be called on to do quite a bit on Sunday.

Well, it's poff to bed. It will feel good tonight. Been up for a bit. Will sleep in a little and then get on with Friday. Looking forward to the challenges of this quick a turn around.

Forward we go! May your roads, trails, and pools be happy and safe and may they bring you peace of mind!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Boston Race Report

The morning started out with a wake-up call at 5:0AM after a 2:30AM fire alarm in the hotel. Thankfully we didn’t have to evacuate. Anyway, it was back to sleep for a brief time and up for a banana and the start of Hammer Heed. Sunglasses broke and had to tape them. THen at the start of the race had to use Duct Tape. Left the hotel at 6:00AM for a quick walk over to meet the buses at Boston Commons. That’s where Berta and I said our race farewells and pre-race prayer. The bus line was very efficient and the lines moved quickly. I was happy to get on the bus and start the adventure for the Boston Marathon.

Upon arriving in Hopkinton, I went directly to the athletes’ village. There I found a space to wait for the next 2 ½ hours until the start of the race at 10:00AM. I brought a plastic mat to sit on, my pre-race meal of peanut butter and whole wheat crackers, Hammer Heed, a poncho, Hammer Bar, a towel, disposable warm-up suit, gloves, supplements and an extra shirt and cap. All needed for the long wait before the race. As race time neared, I made sure I took care of all of the restroom needs, took supplements 90 minutes before the race and got my things packed up for the drop bag to be dropped off at the bus on the way to the corals. All was accomplished without too much trouble. I rested well at the village and food settled well. Weather was cold and windy, but partly cloudy which was a blessing over my run in 2007.

It was time to walk down to the corrals which were about 7/10 of a mile away they said. I was in the first wave. It was great to visit with people once we got into the corral and then anticipate the race. The walk down to your corral is an emotional one because you think about just how you got to this race, the people that supported you and understood your wacky training and eating routines. My goal this year was to start out more conservatively and not force the start. That worked well and I really held on because most of the first 9 miles are downhill. Speed and excitement usually make you start out much faster than you want and then you have little left at the beginning of the Newton Hills.

As I said yesterday, the crowd support was amazing and welcomed. I went along at a reasonable pace and felt great. Refueling at miles 4,10,14,18,22, and 24. I took powered Hammer Heed and Perpetuem which I had in small tubes on my belt. I also took GU Chomps. All nutrition worked well, thank you again Hammer Nutrition products! They are amazing! Supplements taken during the race included: Hammer Endurolytes and Endurance Amino Caps. Two of each on the hour.

The goal of the race time wise for me was around 4:10. Especially since I have Big Sur this week on Sunday. However, my ½ marathon split was 1:53:39. That fired some unknown spark in my head and I thought about, briefly, a sub 4 hour Boston.

The rest of the splits were:
5K 26:26
10K 54:18
15K 1:20:37
20K 1:43:49
Half 1:53:49
25K 2:15:45
30K 2:44:23
35K 3:14:16
40K 3:42:29
Finish 3:53:13

Pace was 8:54

After the race I went through the medal area, food area, and met Berta at the Family reunite area which was great! She had a hug and a rose, also my post-race supplements and Hammer Recoverite. We then walked back to the hotel and had a great time discussing the race and enjoying the Boston Commons Park area and all of it’s beauty. The evening included a quick swim to relax the body and a great dinner.

Boston was a great experience and I look forward to Big Sur on Sunday. We leave Thursday morning for that race.

Forward we go! May your roads, trail, and pools be happy and safe and bring you peace of mind!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Boston Update 8 Crowd and Volunteer Support

Just have to do a quick message before the race report in a few days. Tomorrow is a travel day with a short spin tomorrow evening. Eating will be a priority tomorrow. Also re-hydrating as I get ready for Big Sur Marathon on Sunday. So we'll switch for a bit back and forth from Boston Report to Big Sur.

Today's race was amazing from many points. I was very happy with my sub 4 hour mile. But something that sticks out even more was the crowd, volunteers, and others. I am overwhelmed by the attention and recognition a Boston finisher gets. During the race, the noise from the crowds was as loud as I have ever heard it at a race. The Newton Hills were lined with people as was much of the entire route and it really helped. There were also the Boston College crowds and the Wellesley College "scream tunnel".

Walking back from the race, people stood and clapped as we walked by. It was incredible. Then at dinner, when we walked into the restaurant, everyone cheered. They welcomed each participant the same way. It is by far the most energetic city for a race that I have ever seen. It is a memory that will be cherished for many years.

OK. Off to bed and a big breakfast in the morning. Already planning Big Sur.

Forward we go! May your roads, trails and pools be happy and safe and may they bring you peace of mind!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Boston Update 7

Race eve. Just finished a dinner of salmon and mashed potatoes. Tasted pretty good. Did a short 3 mile run this morning and felt good. Spent the rest of the day resting and getting race day things ready. Have been a little unsettled today getting all of the details down of meeting the buses at Boston Commons and then the ride up to Hopkinton. Bus leaves at 6:30AM so it will be a wake-up at 5:00AM. Dress and eat a little something.

We will walk to meet the bus then I will be in the start area for a few hours before wave 1 starts at 10:00AM. Taking things to sit on (ground will be wet from rains), eat, and drink. Also, taking extra clothes. Race temp at start is supposed to be around 42 with a finish temp in the 50's. Partly to mostly cloudy skies.

So here we go. It's that time. Boston Butterflies are swarming and the energy is at its max. Will try and get a good night's sleep. I'll write a race report tomorrow evening. Thanks for all of your support!

Forward we go! May your roads, trail, and pools be happy and safe and may they bring you peace of mind!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Boston Update 6

The day started out with a little bit of a sleep in since after our room service dinner at 1:00AM wasn't finished until 2:00AM. Great meal though. Getting in at midnight had its advantages and disadvantages. Almost all were very positive. Rain and cold still haunt the running picture. Hoping the weather gets better! Brought everything I had in terms of clothes so I hope I am prepared for whatever the weather turns out to be.

Did a short 4 mile run this morning along the South Boston Waterfront and loved the route. Wished that I could have spent more time but followed training taper and pre-race plans not to run further. Took the subway train to the Expo. The Expo was packed but there were so many great vendors there it really didn't matter. Bought a lot of things this time. Oops! Got to visit with Steve DeKoker at the Brooks Running booth. Great to talk to Steve and see the Brooks products on display. Also, stopped by the Fellowship of Christian Athletes Team Endurance Booth and talked to them. I am a FCA Team Endurance runner. Purchased a new piece of equipment for my bike. It's called the Smash Bottle from Smash Sports. Great hands-free attachment for the bike. Look into the website. Very interesting approach! I stopped at the Team 413 Booth and visited with Chris about his program.The Boston Marathon Expo is one of the best Expos you'll find and there are so many outstanding volunteers everywhere to help.

Had a great time at the DailyMile party. It was great to see people that I get to talk with on the DailyMile site and put names with faces. It was a great group and there were some great give aways.

Did a 45 min. evening swim. Light workout and then on to dinner. The Intercontinental Hotel Concierge recommended the Chart House Restaurant. Located on the Boston Inner Harbor. It was amazing. The food and service were superior! And we had VIP treatmenat for the evening. Wonderful! Almost felt like an Elite runner for a while. Great way to end the day. The staff at each place exceed expectations time and again.

So tomorrow it's a light 30-40 minute run and then rest for the rest of the day until the FCA Team Endurance meeting later in the afternoon. Then dinner at the hotel since they are providing a special runners meal Sunday night. It will be gear prep day. Also, nice big naps!

Boston Buterflies are flying high tonight! Whew!

Forward we go! May your roads andtrails and pools be happy and safe and may the give you peace of mind!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Boston Update 5

Support from family and friends is so important that I wanted to share video with you all tonight talking about the things that my family is sending with me to Boston. Enjoy!

Forward we go! May your roads, trails, and pools be happy and safe and bring you peace of mind!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Boston Update 4

Wednesday evening brings more packing. Tonight the packing will make it into the final stages. I have decided to brave the Baggage Check-In issues and go ahead and check my running gear. This is a first except one time in Chicago where my carry-on was rejected by security because it was too long. Humm on the flight to this city on the same airline it was ok. Well no questions asked. Bags do grow I guess. The bag was checked after a minor panic attack. So here we go. A new adventure. Intentional here are my running clothes, please don't lose them because I am running Boston. We'll see.

Today's training went well. Talked to a couple of people that had recently run Boston and got some good advice from them about "the hills". I need to stop worrying about that area of the race. Start out at an even pace and have good energy ready for that part.Pacing will be key. I started out way too fast on '07 so I want to be smarter this time. when the first few miles are all downhill, you kind of lose focus and say, "wow, look at me go", then wonder what happened later on. Of course there will be those that it doesn't bother at all. They start and end fast.

Both pairs of my Brooks Infiniti's feel about equal so I will need to decide in the next few days which one will be the race pair. Great shoe and one I would highly recommend. A few more runs will decide that. Also wearing the SmartWool socks. Fantastic socks and ones I wouldn't ever run without! They are the best by far of anything that I have ever worn.

Training for tomorrow will be: an easy 15 min warm-up run followed by 8x (1 mn at 3 mile pace and 1 min easy jog), then an easy 5 min run, then 4x 1 mile @ 10-15 seconds faster than marathon pace with 3 min jog in between. After the running I'll do a 15 mile easy spin. Looking forward to tomorrow! Training food and snacks remain the same for Thursday. Hydration kicked up a notch.

On another subject. My Pull Float and Kickboard arrived today for swim training. Yea! Not quite like the excitement when new shoes arrive, but close!

Forward we go! May your roads, trails, and pools be happy and safe and may they bring you peace of mind!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Boston Update 3

Hope you had a great day. Well, first of all, a correction is in order. For lunch yesterday I told you that I had flatbread. Well, they are called "Flatouts". I was close. Since tomorrow (Wed) is a swim day, breakfast will switch to natural peanut butter and whole wheat crackers. The rest of the menu for the day will be exactly the same.

Which brings us to, "What to eat on a travel day?". I don't eat airport food under any circumstance heading into or out of a race. Never have, hope I never have to. Always take food along. Friday's travel day will be a challenge since we leave our destination at 3:30PM and arrive in Boston at 10:20PM. Will need to figure out the food plan on this one. I will fill you in when I come up with it. Yes I know there are great restaurants in airports now. And yes I know they are probably ok. But I had the unfortunate experience one time of watching a sub sandwich move and trade places with a turkey sandwich in a glass case in an airport many years ago. Not a good sight. Have not eaten at an airport since. Bottle water, yes. Food no.

Training for tomorrow consists of morning swim and an afternoon run of 30 minutes with 4-6 accelerations. After the run, a 25 mile spin. Hydration and food become more and more important each day. So my routine just gets even more strict.

Tonight the suitcases are out and the packing begins. We are flying on Southwest so at least there will be no charges. I still always have the debate on whether to check my running clothes and shoes or carry them on. As a rule I never check my running gear. I will need to decide that tonight as well. I know many of you never worry and always have good luck but with plane changes and all, I just don't know. I like to have things with me. My wife thought we got rid of the diaper bag during travel many years ago, but since I started running, it lives again!

Just to let you know some statistics on my running. This will be my 25th marathon and I have also run 5 ultras from 30 miles to 50. I ran my first marathon in Chicago in 2002 in the time of 5:43. My fastest qualifying time for Boston was a 3:26 at the Eugene Marathon in May of 2009. There were many other times sprinkled in between those numbers but actually each time I find a new respect for any distance and any time run.

Time to go pack and focus more on Boston and to feel the emotion of race day and the bus ride to the runners village and the emotional walk to the start. And to think about the finish and respect the many thousands of famous and not so famous men and women that have crosed that finish line. Hey, I read today that Wednesday is "Paint the Starting Line Day" in Hopkinton. What did the starting line look like at the first Boston Marathon? I wonder.

Talk to you tomorrow night!

May your roads, trails and pools be happy and safe and may they give you peace of mind!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Boston Update 2

It's Monday evening and training today consisted of an early swim that was one of the hardest I have ever done. Whew! But quite an accomplishment to get through it. Also, this evening I did a 20 mile spin on the trainer. Feel pretty good and felt today's training goals were met. Hip feels better.

An interesting thing happened during the swim this morning. One of the drills that we did called for us to swim a series of 25's, I think around 25 of them, using fins. I was really moving as we had four people in our lane spaced out by about 5 seconds. Towards the end of one of the 25's I literally swam right over the top of one of the people in my lane. Oops! Not a good thing to do in the pool kingdom. I was not a real popular person after that. So apologies were made and we continued on. I think I have more to learn about Ironman training than just swimming.

Today prior to the swim I had 1/2 of a banana and some natural peanut butter on whole wheat crackers plus my Hammer Nutrition supplements. During the swim I had Hammer Heed mixed with water. I also run and cycle with Heed too. After the training swim I had a bottle of Hammer Whey Protein and the rest of the peanut butter crackers. Morning snack consisted of a banana and a bottle of Hammer Soy Protein mixed with Tart Chery juice and water. For lunch today I had a flatbread sandwich with hard boiled eggs and pickle relish with two oranges. Afternoon snack was a protein bar that I make. After my spin tonight I had Hammer Recoverite and then about 45min later I had another shake that was made from Gold Standard Natural Casein mixed with water and a banana. This evenings snack will be pumpkin seeds, almonds, and an apple. That's the foods for today plus the Hammer supplements that I take.

Today's Boston packing prep was getting the travel packs of all of the powdered products organized. All of the ones I mentioned above come in single serving packets that travel much better. I also take mixing bottles and we always request a refrigerator for the hotel room. I have estimated all of what I need for the days we are in Boston plus race day needs. During the race I wear a belt that I can carry little plastic bottles filled with Heed and Perpetuem plus a pouch for my GU Chomps and in race supplements. One of the suitcases we take is all food and supplements. Go figure.

This was a little better day for the Boston Butterflies. I seemed to be more confident since I worked on race strategies and looked at the course elevations last night. I am looking at this point at trying for a 4:10 to 4 :20 race. I also want to enjoy the race too. Tonight I will work on things I need to get at the Expo and questions I need to ask when I am there.

Tomorrow will start out with a breakfast of 7 egg whites with a veggie mix, folowed by the same foods as today. I only vary my breakfasts at this point. All else is the same including quantities. The afternoon training run will consist of an easy 15 minute warm-up, followed by 8 half mile segments with a 3-4 minute jog in between. The odd number 1/2's will be done at my 3 mile Time Trial pace and the even number 1/2's will be done at the 3 mile Time Trial pace + 30 seconds. After the run I'll do a 15 mile spin and then repeat the evening nutrition.

So that's it for today. I'll leave you with this question. Do runners really carbo load by eating rolls off of the room service trays left in the halls at hotels? Hummmm.

Forward we go! May your roads, trails, and pools be happy and safe and bring you peace of mind.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Boston Update 1

Over the next two weeks my plan is to write each night about what I have done that day in preparation for the Boston Marathon which is April 19th and the Big Sur Marathon which is April 25th. It's called the Boston to Big Sur Challenge and yes it looked appealing to me to do. I believe they had around 500 slots to give out at Big Sur to those that were doing both. So from Massachuesetts to California here we go! I will try and convey to you what it is like to go through all of this while also training for an Ironman in June too.

So when I first ran Boston in 2007 there was a terrible storm the night before and also the day of. Thought ok, I've done Boston, now on to other things. I really did not dream I would be able to qualify and come back again. I was surprised during the past few months to have 3 qualifying time races and be able to come back to Boston in 2010. I have been blessed to be able to do these things.

In my household, it's Boston week. That means time to get things moving and started for the trip. Last night my wife and I spent much of the evening with my marathon notebook which basically organizes me from now until we land back home for this portion of the journey. She and the notebook honestly take over from now on. It has times of where and when to do things from boarding planes to what and when I eat and train to hotel and restaurant information. There is also the all important checklist of things to take from clothes to food. We also started early discussions for the Big Sur too. We only have one day turn around before we have to leave for California. So that was last night.

Today I spent 25 miles on the bike trainer doing intervals and some easy spinning. Followed that up with a good two hour nap and in betwen lots of hydration and protein. Evening church and unfortunately out to dinner where the meal didn't settle at all. Bad mistake on my part. And it was my idea where to go. Stomach doesn't feel good at all right now. Will go over course map before bed and also add to stack of things that I am taking which right now commands the dining room table.

How do feel right now? Well other than the dinner part, I am very excited and ready to run. Butterflies come and go but mostly stay. Trying to keep food and hydration a priority. Concerned about the the four hills around Newton and that includes Heartbreak Hill. Didn't run them very well in '07 and have a score to settle with them. Maybe right now they are taking up too much of my mental energy. Have been having allergy trouble since every tree in Kansas seems to be blooming right now and the wind has been terrible. Also have a tight spot above my right hip area in the hip flexor zone that I am a little worried about. Hopefully that will loosen up a bit this week. Other than all of that, I feel pretty good.

Tomorrow's training includes an early morning swim and a 20 mile spin in the evening. Oh yeah, and work. That's right, focus! Early to bed after I fix tomorrow's food and supplements.

Talk to you tomorrow night!
Forward we go! May your roads, trails, and pools be happy and safe and bring you peace of mind!