Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Man vs. Junk Food Round 5/ Hostess Twinkies

The Conclusion of the Junk Food Adventure

Tonight marked the conclusion of the Man vs Junk Food adventure. Whew! Five rounds of putting stuff into me that I would never do on a normal basis. Perhaps mainstays for some, however, a never again for me. The Big Mac was the worst. I can't imagine ever wanting to put that inside of me again. The Cheetos were really pretty good going down but the orange trail in the pool was embarrassing. The Girl Scout cookies were a harmless snack but didn't pack much taste. The Little Debbie Snack cakes were a great first bite but then quickly gummed up the mouth beyond belief. And finally...

Tonight's taste treat was 6 Hostess Twinkies before my 22 mile spin. You know Twinkies will always be Twinkies. I still wonder what the white stuff is that they put inside because it just doesn't go anywhere in your mouth. Mind you I was eating them as I was driving home today. Think if someone were to be behind me and see me unwrapping 6 Twinkies in a span of 6-7 block. Yep, I snarffed them. Sometimes in two bites. Gross? Yes! The first one went down easily. The other five were like jamming meat into a sausage grinder. I literally used the palm of my hand to shove numbers 5 and 6 in.

The the stomachache hit. Just about as I was to climb on the trainer, the Twinkies decided they didn't want to. The pain started as a small rumble then progressed into a full blown double sided side stitch. So I stopped mid trainer mount and froze. What to do. The Twinkies were rebelling. No trainer ride tonight they were saying. But alas, mind over stomach. The pain went away as quickly as it came. But the taste in my mouth was as if I had eaten the world's cheapest wedding cake. All of it! It was disgusting. So what did I do? Well Mr. Nutrition here washed it down with Gatorade G2. Mistake #2. Let me tell you know. G2 and Twinkies don't mix. At all! The rest I will leave to your imagination. It wasn't a good site.

Luckily, I had a couple of phone calls during m y ride to take my mind off the grossness of what I was doing. One very meaningful one was to pledge to fund raising drive for our nearest NPR station. With pleasure, I talked and talked to the kind lady about pledging and what I was doing. If you are an NPR fan, now is the time to put some cash up to support real news and programming that will knock your socks off on a daily basis!

So the saga ends. I must say that none of the junk food kept me from training. However, had I eaten it 5 days in a row, it would have been a different story. Training would have come to an abrupt stop I imagine.

2012 Brings the next challenge. Bars, gels, chews, and drinks. I look forward to picking and reporting on the different products that will be used. Whoops, my stomach just flip flopped. Twinkies or the 2012 talk??

Two Things to Ponder

1. It is impossible to lick your elbow.

2. The state with the highest percentage of people that walk to work: Alaska

Still Trying to Get Over

Still trying to get over the sausage wrapped in a pancake on a stick served as breakfast this morning to elementary school students at my school. Some things just don't make sense. Oh yeah, with syrup dripping down the stick.


How to get the last Wet-Wipe out. Why does it always fall down?

Forward we go! May your adventures on the roads, trails, pools, and lakes be happy and safe and bring you peace. Take care out there!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Man vs Junk Food Round 4/ Cheetos Express Explosion

Things They Tell Not to do Before a Swim

Tonight was the Man vs Junk Food Round 4 swim night festivities. I had not tried junk food before a swim. Now I know why. Prior to swimming, I ate a whole bag. Yes a whole bag. Almost 10 oz. of Cheetos. They went down better than the Big Mac by far. But then.......

As I started my speedwork I noticed an orange trail behind me as I swam. I thought, "Wow, I am really swimming fast tonight". The I realized it was the Cheetos Explosion trail of orange. As you all would guess no matter how many times you wash your hands, the orange will never come off. However, in pool water it comes off like crazy. I know I had it all the way up to my ears. I practically had my head in the bag eating they were so good. Felt a litle full but other than that started the swim feeling prety good.

Honestly, other than the pool turning orange, there was absolutely no effect from the junk food Cheetos. No stomach issues, nothing. An ocasional "burp" underwater which was really fun and amazing. In fact they may have carbo'd me into new speeds. It was a good easy speed swim and really nothing else to atribute it to other than the Cheetos.

So like the race car drivers and soccer players, tonight I am sewing the bag onto the back of my skinsuit. It will look so cool. A new sponsorship maybe?

Pool Change
The worse part of the evening was the fact that my warm pool is closing until January 4th and I will now be swimming in a pool that is very much the same as the Arctic. It is a pool that makes me about as cold as I have ever been. I am concerned about swimming my distances in such a pool and also they have shorter hours in the evenings. So tonight was the last swim of 2011 in the warm pool. It will be a huge change. Yeah I know you all are saying "suck it up" and swim. All I will say back to you is that I will be stuffing my skinsuit with used Cheetos bags and trying to stay warm.

Winter Tip

No matter what type of workouts or races you have planned. If it is a long run/ride/ or swim on the weekend, please hydrate and add a higher protein/carbs mix during the week and not the night before. Your body needs fuel. Fill it up and treat it well.

Forward we go! May your adventures on the roads, trails, pools, and lakes be happy and safe and may they bring you peace! Take care out there!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Man vs. Junk Food Round 3/ Big Mac Attacked!

Attacked by a Big Mac

I should have known when I picked up my Big Mac and the person handing it to me said it was America's Number 1 sandwich and then laughed.... that I was in trouble. I should have stopped at that point and thought things through. But no, I proceeded on. SUV smelling like the back end of some run down hamburger stand. Still, the anticipation of just what might happen was way too inviting. All the way home as the windows fogged up with that greasy aroma, all that a Big Mac is, I knew before me was a short run with several pre-determined stops if necessary.

Home at last, I opened the box and took that first bite of that hot juicy glob of stuff. It almost didn't go down. Later I would find out that it also won't come up. I sat there and tried as hard as I could to get it down. It reminded me of the show Fear Factor where the contestants eat just about everything imaginable. But wait, wasn't this America's Number 1 sandwich? So down it went.

On with the running clothes. The sodium from my friend the Big Mac already visible on my lips after just getting dressed. I started the run, in the rain as well, with some doubt that I would get through the short 7 mile run. After about a half mile, the gastro concert began. First just the woodwind section. Soft and subtle. But still there. After a mile, the brass started into the mix. Certain flavors of my Big Mac were revisiting my mouth area. Things were getting a bit more nvolved now. Pace slowed and cramping of the stomach let me know that the percussion section wasn't far behind. (No pun intended.)

Then it hit with a fury. Miles 4-7 were cascading into a sodium body freeze. Legs grew heavy. Energy hit rock bottom. (Again no pun intended.) The run was in trouble. The stomach at this point sounded like a very large marching band. Thinks were moving in ways that I didn't know they could. I was focused on getting home. My pace grew faster somehow. Perhaps my body knew it must get to the homefront. Fast!

With one last burst of energy I could see the lights of home! They key in the door. Then "BOOM" the cymbals crashed into a loud crescendo and...........

May your adventures on the roads, trails, pools and lakes be happy and safe and bring you peace!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Man vs. Junk Food Round 2

Effect Zero

With all due respect to the Girl Scouts of the USA and their wonderful cookie sales, I did classify their cookies as junk food. Now, take into consideration that I am sure some individuals could live on Thin Mints for many years but the fact is that there is little if any nutritional value in their products. That said....

Today before my training run that consisted of stadium stairs, field sprints, and an 8 mile run, I ate a few Girl scout cookies. Well to be exact, 20 of them. I thought 20 cookies would surely do something to me. The Shout Outs cookies were mine for a day. By eating 20, I had about 269 calories, 10g of fat, 16g sugar, 4g protein. My normal intake before a workout is nearly 4x's that as far as calories and at least 10x's that for proteins. so needless to say I either should have eaten two boxes or just eaten the box itself and called it good.

They were tasty. But as far as providing any usefulness for my training there was none. Actually I find it a little hard to even call them "junk food" when you look at the ingredients on the panel on the box. They gave me no energy whatsoever. Much of what I used as far as energy stores was what accumulated throughout the day as far as snacks, breakfast, and lunch.

So Round 2 was a disappointment. No effect from the snack. So the next opportunities for the snacks to reach up and get me are next Tuesday and Thursday. Until then, feel free to have about 20 Shout Outs and have a free mind about doing it. Either that or salt the box and have a go at it.

Suggestions are welcome as far as what you would consider "junk food". Just let me know and I'll give it a try. I don't feel that I have really scratched the surface of possibilities yet. Pretty tame snacks so far.

Forward we go! May your adventures on the roads, trail, pools, and lakes be happy and safe and bring you peace of mind! Take care out there!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Man vs Junk Food Report #1

Man vs. Junk Food #1

Well tonight kicks off the first of 5 workouts where I have replaced my regular pre- run, bike, swim snack with junk food. For those of you wondering where this is all going here's the plan:
Phase 1- Junk Food
Phase 2- Back to Bars and gels or chewies
Phase 3- All whole foods

So those of you waiting to see if I would blow snack tonight, you are going to be disappointed. I ate 4 Little Debbie Cakes that totaled 600 calories, 26g fat, 2g protein, and 58g sugar. Plus some things I don't even want to know about.

I have to honestly report that there were no problems. I had a great workout. No stomach trouble. No sugar drop. No problems of any kind. In fact it was one of my better workouts for the week. Oh yeah, it's only Tuesday, HA! Seriously, things settled well and had about the same energy as I have had with other workout prep.

Thursday will will be the next workout with some junk food. Have not decided what's next but I better ramp it up a bit i looks like. Now I understand Dean Karnazes a little better. Mr. Ultra Marathon Man.


Do UPS drivers have GPS in their trucks? The letters would confuse me. "Hello, I have a delivery from GPS, I mean UPS."

Forward we go! May your roads, trails, pools, and lakes be happy and safe and bring you piece of mind.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Running Partners/ Man vs. Junk Food/ Quinoa/ B-12


The polls are still split as to whether people would rather run/cycle with a partner or go it alone. I read so many things these days that contradict each other. I know there are days when being alone lends itself to good thought and problem solving. Other days, one needs to have a partner to push them on towards a goal or just listen. Some of these partners can be human form or animal form. My son and I have always been great running partners and when we run together, we accomplish things that are just flat amazing. We have taken each other up hills, mountains, through ankle deep mud, snow, wind and rain. He is my true running/cycling partner. However, enter his incredible dog Ogden, and I am sure there would be times I would play a second to choice of partners. I understand. He lives in Colorado now and we don't get to run as much as we use to and I miss that. But when we do, look out!

But what do you expect/ want in a running partner? Here are some things to look for: Dedication, honesty (no I don't want to run 5 more miles. Or the opposite.), drive, a good listener, someone that will talk when you have nothing to say, someone to get you up that hill, consistency (not a hit and miss thing....someone that you can count on), goals, no excuses, comparable training plans, someone willing to challenge you, serious/ fun abilities, spontaneous, ENERGY, and compassion. There are times where you both will need all of the above or just parts. Partners can obviously be male/male, female/female, male/female, opinions show that it really doesn't matter.

So get out there and find you a training partner. Or not.


A few years ago, I did a week's worth of blogs on Man vs. Fast Food. Although some television shows captured my idea and didn't let go, I have decided that it is time to have part 2! This new version will be Man vs. Junk Food hosted by yours truly. Over the course of a few weeks I will attempt to eat pure junk and then see what the implications are for a run, bike, or swim. Yes, I know that some of you are shaking right now that I would even attempt this but I will take one for the team on this subject. I mean, what if it really doesn't matter? Ruled out right away will be chocolate and dairy due to the fact that I have allergies to those two monsters. So starting next Monday, December 5th the games will begin. I will report each time I try something to let you know what happened. So check back here for it soon!

Training Ideas

The cold and yuk has arrived. Training is forcing many inside. Layers are heavier outside than in the warm weather. You feel bogged down, like pulling a semi-truck. Do what you can with what you have. Just do something! I am not a fan at all of indoor equipment and will go to many lengths to stay outside. But even I have temperature limits. You have got to maintain your current level of fitness or improve on it over the cold months. That is your goal. Don't slack off!!! In fact, if your health permits, work harder and harder. When the spring/summer races come around you won't need a 6 week training program to cough and wheeze through. (Note: Health concerns or problems that come up totally shred everything I just said. Be smart and listen to your doctor if something comes up. It's not worth it people. Sucking it up means NOTHING if you fight a doctor's orders!!!!!)


Outside Magazine. Nothing more needs to be said!

Award Winning Recipes from Chef Mickey

Quinoa Salad: Cook up a bunch of quinoa. Add some black beans, avacodo, a few halves of cherry tomatoes, cranberries, cumin seasoning and mix with a dressing of the juice of two limes and some olive oil.

Real Good!!!


Investigate B-12 drops. I really feel they make a difference along with my other supplements!

Forward we go! May your roads, trails, and pools be happy and safe! May they bring you peace of mind! Take care out there!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Run, Bike, Swim, Walk, Then Smile Because You Can!


October was Breast cancer awareness month and November is a month where the guys get the emphasis for cancer detection. During November each year, Movember is responsible for the sprouting of moustaches on thousands of men’s faces, in the US and around the world. With their Mo’s, these men raise vital funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men. I am continually amazed by the battles being waged by individual under cancer treatment and other that are members of families where cancer has effected their lives. There are many days that you may run, bike, swim, and walk by people fighting battles that you have no idea hey are fighting. Their miles may be measure in blocks walked or neighborhood strools. But, there are also some that are fighting the battle and competing in 5 and 10K's, half-marathons, marathons, ultras, cycling competitions, swimming meets, and walking events. Know that they do nt need your sympathy but your love and support. No matter how big or small your contribution, make one! Please!

Training Ideas

2 Things:

I am getting more and more interested in trying to start runing in my Vibram's. I keep reading rave reviews and hearing great testimony from people that are wearing them. When I run with people that have them, their foot strike is amazingly soft and their stride is excellent. I also know that they seem to run more efficiently. It makes sense. It seems like the more junk we add to our lives the more troble we have. I am not sure we were meant to run in the mega adjusted, foam heel, super stride shoes that are being produced and stuffed down our throats. This barefoot running is not a new thing people. It's been around a while.

However. I am also very impressed with the work the Newton folks are doing. Running with individual in Newtons can also be a learning experience for most of us. You will note that although the runners went through an adjustment period, they too have a better stride and foot strike than with the majority of shoes on the market.


So I turned my clocks back for the end of daylight savings time and now I can't see the numbers or the dial. What, did I do something wrong?

Award Winning Recipe from Chef Mickey

This week's entry is kind of a food/ decorating recipe: The Halloween Candy Candle.
First you take all of that Halloween candy the the neighborhood kids did not come by to eat because they know you are a runner/cyclist/swimmer and will have healthy stuff that they would rather pass up..... but you went ahead this year and bought the junk. So that's great. Now you will eat it, feel bloated and have to recover from numerous sugar highs and lows.
so take the candy and put it in a microwavable bowl. Yes, all of it. Then heat it up until it is a massive gooey mess. Keep fingers out of it. At that point, pour into an aluminum pan ( Or again for you high income readers, a pottery bowl.) and as it is setting up stick small cuttings of candle wicks in it at various places. The aroma is amazing. Hazard....Some guests, including you, may find parts of the candle missing at some point. Not my problem!

Clothing Review

I am so glad that clothing makers for runners think that black clothing especially for men is so colorful. I would like some choice, please. Cyclists kits and swimwear has the idea, but runners. Come on now. One of these days I may journey over into the women's section just to get something other than black. Just saying.....the warning is out there.

App Alert for Smartphones

Might be a good one and might not but I am really enjoying messing around with a FREE app called Fooducate. The app has a scanner that you can scan items at the store or any place you are shopping or cooking. There are also great other parts to it but the scanner is as fun as playing Angry Birds!


Remember, it will be darker now for you afternoon/evening runners/cyclists/walkers. Please make special note of the equipment you need. Reflective gear and headlamps should be a standard! Cars cannot see you if you don't take action. Especially the first week where accidents happn at an alarming rate. It's a fact!

Be careful out there! Take the extra time to dress for the weather, wear reflerctive gear, and eat lots of oatmeal!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

More than You Want to Know

Hope this post finds you all well and getting out there and doing something active. Go for it!


To the pick-up driver that just passed me a few minutes ago on my ride out on the county road, all I can say is "really". The fact that you nearly forced me off the road and that you left me in a cloud of black smoke, I really hope it made you feel better. I can never understand when people do that. I have mentioned it several times in this blog before, but it just keeps happening. Wait I have an idea. I'll just ride down the middle of the lane as slow as I can and drop smoke bombs every once in a while to make you feel at home. Oh and I forgot to mention that the squeal of your tires at the same time as the smoke was well coordinated. Drive on my friend!

Training Tips/ New Ideas

I have decided to devote more of my coaching time to possums and raccoons. After seeing how they end up on most roads, I feel a need to help the rest of them out a little. So I am opening up slots for the new branch of Miles With Mickey Coaching Camp. I figure the number one priority will be working on speed. That will be accomplished through a series of training plans that include sprints, fartleks, intervals, and the new run for you life workout. Also, we need to work on getting shoes for these creatures. They will have to be racng flats since they only need to go 20-30 feet at a time. Wind-aided I think we could really make some progress. I will also offer the idea of finally wearing headlamps specially fitted for the little guysand gals. Tail lights at this time seem a bit unnecessary. Racing/workout clothes will be optional. I kind of like the fur look and it could catch on with the east coast friends. At this time the camp will not be open to the skunk population due to that oder thing. Sign-up sheets will be available soon!


Cash register persons.

Award Winning Recipie from Chef Mickey

Peanut Butter Toast

Take some kind of whole grain bread that has not molded and put it in a toaster or fancy toaster over for you advanced cooks. Press down on the lever on the side making sure the heat setting is not set on burn like you sometimes do. When the toast pops up after a bit, get the natural peanut butter out (Or if you don't care, the junky kind) and spread it on the toast. Eat immediately. I is really no good if left sitting while you go off and do something else. For higher income bracket individuals the peanut butter may be substituted for almond butter, cashew butter, or another kind of high dollar spread. Enjoy!


Now that colder weather is upon us please know that all gear is not created equal. There are some companies that make clothing that just won't stand up to cold and wet weather. Research what you buy and your running and cycling, walking world will be much much better. Yes, the more you spend the better gear you get. You're worth it!

Take Care of Yourselves and be Safe!

Monday, October 10, 2011

You Heard it Here First


Strong rumor out of France that there is a small town developing a new cycling kit made out of cowboy/cowgirl grade denim. Bull riding tested, this new kit features the comfort of high grade and long lasting chafing. Color scheme is light blue and/or dark blue. Features one large pocket in the back mysteriously shaped like a disk. Sequins can be added upon special request. Release date expected in time for Spring fashion splash. There will be a limited supply so jump on this when you get the chance. Everyone will want the chance to show off this new idea in kit fashion and durability.

Training Tip

Ever wonder why after most races there is a beer waiting for you after the finish line? One of the most dehydrating beverages you can possibly drink. Then within the next few feet are several sports drinks that you can have followed by boatloads of bottles of water. Interesting order of serving. My son and I did the Austin Marathon once and towards the finish line...still don't know why you have an out and back in a beautiful town like Austin....and there was a little stand that offered small glasses of beer. Recovery we thought? Energy we thought? Why not, we thought? Drank some down and spit right back out. Yep, beer is the breakfast of some champions but not this one.

Seriously...Pay attention to your water intake at least one week before a race and actually keep water in your training routine at all times enhanced with electrolytes everyday. This especially goes for those of you that let your car get to "E" before you fill up. I bet you do that to your body too!


License plates with a message on them. Why?

Award Winning Recipes from Chef Mickey

Flank Steak Delight

Put some flank steak in a crockpot. Throw the whole thing in there. Add some vegetables. Squash works great of may cause some GI trouble if you train to quick after. Like up to 48 hours after. (Just joking) Close the lid. Put on medium heat for a bunch of hours or until mooing stops. Try on running, swimming, cycling partner first then proceed with your portion. When done, stand back. There will be hot steam coming out of the lid. Don't look in to see what is going on. Come on...it's steak in a pot.


Have some fun this week. Laugh. Smile. Then remember how lucky your are to be doing what you are doing!

Take care and have a great week!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Blog Wake-Up.. Again

Back in January I stated that it was time for this blog and blogger to wake up. Well that did not happen. I don't know why but things just did not make it to the blogosphere. I guess I just wasn't charged up about what I was writing and grew weary of the same type of comments that I was making.

So the format will change and the content definitely will change. I want to get into some areas that are not so predictable. You know, I want you to look at this blog and see just what I have come up with next. Each post will contain specific short pieces on a variety of content areas. I hope you will add comments and enjoy a few laughs or mad moments where you want to fire off a reply that burns my computer up. Whatever the reason, read and react. I am not going to put live links in the blog because it takes too long and you all are big boys and girls and can find the stuff on your own. I mean really, come on.

So here goes....

Award Winning Recipes From Chef Mickey-
Tupperware of Stuff Made in a Pot

Warning: This blog's incredible recipe includes some difficult maneuvering around the kitchen so only attempt this if you have the old running shoes on and a old running clothes on.

Get out some cans of tomatoes, cook up some ground turkey, throw in some different kinds of beans (2-3 cans of each should be fine), some banana peppers (Only on non-swimming days) and open the cans and pour robustly into the pot. If you want to pay triple the price, buy fresh. They were fresh before they put them into the cans. It won't hurt you. Heat up in the microwave for a little bit or until it almost burns your tongue and serve. Preferably only to yourself.

You know, you read all of those fancy recipes in the magazines? Who really makes that stuff. Come on.... A. It's to expensive. B. You don't have the time. C. You really don't care.


I am constantly reading about all of these super athletes that do all sorts of amazing things. We very seldom hear about those people that run/walk a bit everyday. To them I say, "Fantastic Job", keep up the good work. Because at the end of the day no one has ever asked to see the medals won at a race or wanted to talk about "my" race results. Keep it simple and your ego out of it!

Confusion Dept.

Participants in the TV show Amazing Race.
Drivers trying to get around cyclists.
Stoplights that are blinking and confound drivers at what to do.
When the walk sign turns to don't walk and the numbers start counting down. Do you go back?
Selecting Wine. Aren't there only so many grapes?
Blank DVD's and CD's

Nutrition Tip

If you can't read the ingredients, don't eat it!

Training Tip

If your socks look worn, they probably are. Stay out of Walmart!

Last but not least....

You can hear more of this crazy stuff on my DailyMile, Twitter, and Facebook pages. You can follow, friend or whatever you do to get this stuff.

Take care of yourselves!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wake-Up Blog, It's 2011

It's time for my blog and me to get back into action. It's been far too long since I have entered a post. Not that there's not been anything to write about. Quite the opposite. There have been many blogworthy subjects enter into the the mind as I have run, biked and swam.

It seems that way to many publications have spent most of their time on "The Best of 2010" and "What are your Resolutions for 2011?". Articles on how to get to a goal quick. Don't train as long. Eat this. Eat that. Wear this and you will be faster. Buy this and you will run, ride, swim longer and faster. There are so many experts. There are so many publications that are lead by advertisers and not by actual investigations and unbiased studies. Come on. If you look at one, another one contradicts the other. What should you do?

Have fun. Pick something that will make you happy. Pick races that you will enjoy the challenge, the location and the people that you are there with. Schedule and develop training that you look forward too. Mix it up. Don't get stuck in a rut. Do a distance that you can feel good about after you have finished. I have been down that road, believe me. My training right now makes me want to jump at it each and everyday. I can't wait to get to it each day. I am also working with some new nutrition products that are making me feel like I have rockets on me. They are listed on the left side of the blog. If you want some help, let me know.

I am excited about my race schedule for this year. It's a great mix of running, cycling, and swimming. Challenges are around every corner. Focus will be on the 100 mile run that I will do in January of 2012. Also, the full ironman distance that I will be doing in September. As well as other triathlons and bike tours that have really caught my interest. A new chapter in my book. The land beyond marathons.

Just like the pitcher that flexes the fingers of his/her glove before he/she throws and breaking ball because they have to get a grip on it a batter can see that sign. What kind of sign are you giving about your grip on what you are doing?

Forward we go! May your roads, trails, and pools be happy and safe and bring you peace.