Friday, October 3, 2008

Marathons Here We Come and an Ultra too!

Some James Taylor for you to listen to while you read the blog below.

I am so glad that October is here! Marathon2Marathon in Marathon,TX. on October 18th and The North Face Endurance Challenge 50K on October 25th in Madison, WI. are just around the corner. I am excited to run them both. It will be an experience to run a marathon and an ultra on back-to-back weekends. My son Andy will be joining me to do both of the races and our very good friend Larry will be running with us at Marathon2Marathon. It has been said that Larry and I are long lost brothers that have found each other after many years. I am convinced that this is true. It is a blessing to get to run with him! For Andy, Larry and me these marathons start a series of races that begin in October and finish in February. We will also all be doing the Wellstone's White Rock Dallas Marathon in December, the Chevron Houston Marathon in January, and the Austin Marathon in February. Looks like a Texas Quad to me!

The super feet of our running group will be well represented at The North Face Challenge as Brett joins us and at Dallas where Joel joins us. It will be incredible to run with them! They are both outstanding runners and dedicated running buddies. We are all looking forward to a great time at some awesome marathons on some fantastic courses.

Running multiple marathons in a row like this will require good race strategies, good nutrition, and an excellent training plan. It will also be fun just to accomplish the goals that we set a year ago in Dallas. The conversation in the restaurant brought smiles to our faces. Our brows narrowed at the thought of such an adventure. But there it was on the table. The challenge of the Texas Quad. Could we really get all of this planned? Was it as crazy as it sounded? The answer to all of the questions was yes. So here we go! Texas and Wisconsin, here we come!

Forward we go! May your roads and trails be happy and safe!


Andy Woolard said...

well said. we hatch a plan and hit it. great run today, buddy. nice way to head into the races.

Larry said...

I can't believe M2M is already here. This marathon is one I have thought about for several years. It will become a reality because you and Andy decided to be a little "crazy" and give it a try.
As for "long, lost brothers"...
Mom always liked you best.