Monday, May 25, 2009

Andy and Monk

Today our son Andy's dog Monk lost his battle with cancer. Monk was an amazing dog. He and Andy were a great team. It is a sad and heartbreaking day in our family. Andy and Monk shared so many happy things in life as well as the trials and difficulties of the human and animal worlds. Monk was always there for Andy. Day and night. They ran together, played together, wrestled together, talked together about all subjects, walked together, listened to NPR together, listened to the latest tunes that Andy had found, watched endless episodes of West Wing and The Office on television, and was able to join in when the guys would come over on Monday nights. Monk was a part of every celebration and event that Andy was ever a part of. Be it birthday parties or just a gathering of friends, Monk was always there to add some happiness and fun.

Monk had the eyes of a knowing, caring, full of love and life dog. He fought the cancers that he had with courage and strength that I have never seen an animal do. Monk had you by the heart the minute you met him. He was a part of so many people's lives, too many to name. They will all miss him so much. From the peanut butter kongs to the rawhide chews, Monk was always ready for anything that you wanted to do. He made you happy the minute you walked into the room. From his drool to his large wagging tail, he was your friend and loved being with you.

When he was a puppy, his legs were so long and feet so big, he looked like a deer that was just waiting to grow into his body. Monk was a big dog. He was a beautiful Yellow Lab. He had the look of a champion show dog and was extremely smart. He knew Andy so well. He knew what Andy needed every minute he was with Andy. But Monk also had a very playful side that was fun. He would do so many things that you knew he was just testing you to see if you would play along or see that he had invented a new game that he thought was cool. Dragging things around Andy's house like clothes, his doggie bed, getting up on pieces of furniture when no one was there were things that I know he did just to see what everyone would do. Monk also enjoyed his meals. Andy always watched his diet so well.

When Monk stayed with us (me, Andy's mom, and sister Kelsey), we always treasured those times. He was always great and we called him our "Granddog". Somehow, when he would stay with us and then go back to Andy's, he seemed a bit spoiled. Andy would always laugh about that. Not that Andy didn't spoil Monk or anything.

Our family will miss Monk. There is no way to ease the hurt and pain right now. Monk gave you unconditional love. He was there for you no matter what. He seemed to know what everyone needed. I will miss Monk's head on my lap. His paws on me as if to say, "hey everything is going to be ok". I will miss the talks we had. The advice that his eyes gave me. The licks.

But I can't imagine the loss Andy feels right now. The hurt and heartbreaking pain that is ripping at him. Monk was his everyday buddy. To Andy, I say that I hope you know that you gave Monk a great and loving life. You were so much a part of him and all that he needed. He loved you and always will. You have many memories that will never go away. Keep them tucked in your heart and know that Monk is doing the same. To Monk, I say thank you. Thank you for loving us with all of your heart. Thank you for making your years in our family amazing and fun. Thank you for being Monk. We love you and will miss you.

With Monk in our hearts, Forward we go! May your roads and trails be happy and safe!

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Kim said...

Very very hard. We went through our first three trio of dogs, and are now on the 2nd trio but that's never easy.
We have a yellow lab now, Sandal.She loves her pond and froggin.
It sounds like Monk had a quite wonderful life. In time, it will be easier to remember Monk without tears..but they are good tears.
I'm glad Monk had such a good faithful companion.