Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ironman Training

So the week started out with a new challenge. After careful consideration and just plain "I think I want to do that.", I have decided to do the Ironman Kansas 70.3 on June 6th. This is a new chapter in my book. I have, as you all well know, done many different distances of races, started cycling last summer, and increased my coaching and consulting.

Along the way came this idea that I wanted to reach out for a new challenge. That will be training and particpating in the Ironman Kansas. Swim training started yesterday and it was eventful. I guess I knew the pool wouldn't be heated but I had no idea that water could be so cold at 5:30AM. However, after a warm-up for a few minutes, I settled down and appreciated that fact that things (me) were warming up. Of course I have all of the gear after a shopping trip on Monday. Goggles, fins, and hand paddles. It is all about the gear you know. It's a great group of very dedicated individuals that gather on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday's (Saturday's are an option too.) and training with two fantastic coaches. Lanes are divided up by speed and of course I was in the slowest for the first time. So, I am thinking I may be there for a while too. Lots of help and welcomed advice from everyone. They thought it was really something to see me off the streets and into the water.

Just like at some races, I started out too fast with my laps. Don't know why but did. ESPN wasn't there and at that time in the morning nobody really cares. Don't know who I was trying to impress or why. After a few laps I was sucking air and water, sometimes both at the same time. So I slowed down at the urging of the coaches and just relaxed and followed the training plan for the morning. Things went much better after that. It's pretty cool to watch so many swimmers that can accomplish so many different times and distances through hard training. As the hour training session came to a close, I was really ramped up. Wanted to go run or ride. Instead, I climbed out of the pool, starving, and headed back home to get ready for the day. That evening I did an hour spin and some cardio, strength, and ab work. It was a good day!

Things I learned:
Eat before I swim. Why would it be different than a run or ride?
Stretch before and after training. Again, see above.
Have bottle of water/electrolyte drink poolside. Again, see above.
Get some recovery drink in you ASAP which I did. Again, see above.
Never go outside in the 5 degree weather with wet clothes. (I didn't do this but some did.)
Be humble.Everyone has a day 1.

So tomorow (Friday) I go back for another training session with a little more kowledge and excitement as I prepare for future races: 1/2 Marathon in Boulder in March, Boston and Big Sur Marathons in April, and the Ironman Kansas in June. Run, Ride, and Swim.

Forward we go! May your roads, trails, and pools be happy and safe!


WhiteDuck said...

Swimming is so much fun! It's better in open water bc the laps end up getting pretty boring. You can only look at that line in your lane for so long. Don't eat to heavy before you swim. I think there's some unsaid rule about waiting 30 mins after eating... I'm not much for rules and haven't had a problem! Train hard, can't wait to hit the roads on the bike... Slightly concerned your going to drop me like a bad habit, but whatever! Brews at the end!!!

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