Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Comments from Here and There

The other day as I was out on a training ride, a person pulled up behind me on a 4 lane residential street and began honking at me. I was about as far over to the right as one could be, but no way was this "gentleman" going to not let me know his feelings about cyclists. Then he switched lanes and didn't even use the one he was in. What purpose does it serve to be honking, yelling, and throwing things? The same thing happens to runners. Have not had it happen in the pool yet, but who knows?

Turkey Vultures
Yeah, that's right. Turkey Vultures. They have been thick around these parts this spring and summer. Had about 15 of them circling and keeping up with me this morning on my ride. Beautiful looking creatures. Ha! When you can hear the wings flapping you know you're in trouble. Hummm....

Lettuce Wraps
These are great! Use Romaine lettuce for the wrap. Fill with shrimp, avocado, tomatoes, and grated carrots. Sauce can be the cocktail sauce or a peanut sauce, or nothing at all. Have had them twice this week. Really great!

How does the wind change on a ride when you are so looking forward to having it at your back after battling it as a headwind for many miles. How does it know to switch and become a headwind for the trip home too?

If you are doing a "brick" workout that calls for a bike/ run or a run/bike, change socks in between in this very hot and humid weather to guard against blisters. I know it takes time and also not easily done in a race but .....just sayin'

Help Someone Out this Summer
It helps so many people to "run for a cause" and support the efforts of a local or area group. Many local cross country, track, swim, and other athletic teams will really need all of our support this year with all of the budget cuts. It was there for us, now let's make sure it is there for them!

That's all for now, have a great rest of the week!

Forward we go! May your roads, trails, lakes, and pools be happy and safe and may you have peace of mind!

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Andy Woolard said...

we have bears here. :)

turkey vultures are creepy, especially when they don't get out of the road.

had the wraps the other night too...awesome source of protein and light satisfaction.