Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Running Partners/ Man vs. Junk Food/ Quinoa/ B-12


The polls are still split as to whether people would rather run/cycle with a partner or go it alone. I read so many things these days that contradict each other. I know there are days when being alone lends itself to good thought and problem solving. Other days, one needs to have a partner to push them on towards a goal or just listen. Some of these partners can be human form or animal form. My son and I have always been great running partners and when we run together, we accomplish things that are just flat amazing. We have taken each other up hills, mountains, through ankle deep mud, snow, wind and rain. He is my true running/cycling partner. However, enter his incredible dog Ogden, and I am sure there would be times I would play a second to choice of partners. I understand. He lives in Colorado now and we don't get to run as much as we use to and I miss that. But when we do, look out!

But what do you expect/ want in a running partner? Here are some things to look for: Dedication, honesty (no I don't want to run 5 more miles. Or the opposite.), drive, a good listener, someone that will talk when you have nothing to say, someone to get you up that hill, consistency (not a hit and miss thing....someone that you can count on), goals, no excuses, comparable training plans, someone willing to challenge you, serious/ fun abilities, spontaneous, ENERGY, and compassion. There are times where you both will need all of the above or just parts. Partners can obviously be male/male, female/female, male/female, opinions show that it really doesn't matter.

So get out there and find you a training partner. Or not.


A few years ago, I did a week's worth of blogs on Man vs. Fast Food. Although some television shows captured my idea and didn't let go, I have decided that it is time to have part 2! This new version will be Man vs. Junk Food hosted by yours truly. Over the course of a few weeks I will attempt to eat pure junk and then see what the implications are for a run, bike, or swim. Yes, I know that some of you are shaking right now that I would even attempt this but I will take one for the team on this subject. I mean, what if it really doesn't matter? Ruled out right away will be chocolate and dairy due to the fact that I have allergies to those two monsters. So starting next Monday, December 5th the games will begin. I will report each time I try something to let you know what happened. So check back here for it soon!

Training Ideas

The cold and yuk has arrived. Training is forcing many inside. Layers are heavier outside than in the warm weather. You feel bogged down, like pulling a semi-truck. Do what you can with what you have. Just do something! I am not a fan at all of indoor equipment and will go to many lengths to stay outside. But even I have temperature limits. You have got to maintain your current level of fitness or improve on it over the cold months. That is your goal. Don't slack off!!! In fact, if your health permits, work harder and harder. When the spring/summer races come around you won't need a 6 week training program to cough and wheeze through. (Note: Health concerns or problems that come up totally shred everything I just said. Be smart and listen to your doctor if something comes up. It's not worth it people. Sucking it up means NOTHING if you fight a doctor's orders!!!!!)


Outside Magazine. Nothing more needs to be said!

Award Winning Recipes from Chef Mickey

Quinoa Salad: Cook up a bunch of quinoa. Add some black beans, avacodo, a few halves of cherry tomatoes, cranberries, cumin seasoning and mix with a dressing of the juice of two limes and some olive oil.

Real Good!!!


Investigate B-12 drops. I really feel they make a difference along with my other supplements!

Forward we go! May your roads, trails, and pools be happy and safe! May they bring you peace of mind! Take care out there!

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