Thursday, December 15, 2011

Man vs Junk Food Round 4/ Cheetos Express Explosion

Things They Tell Not to do Before a Swim

Tonight was the Man vs Junk Food Round 4 swim night festivities. I had not tried junk food before a swim. Now I know why. Prior to swimming, I ate a whole bag. Yes a whole bag. Almost 10 oz. of Cheetos. They went down better than the Big Mac by far. But then.......

As I started my speedwork I noticed an orange trail behind me as I swam. I thought, "Wow, I am really swimming fast tonight". The I realized it was the Cheetos Explosion trail of orange. As you all would guess no matter how many times you wash your hands, the orange will never come off. However, in pool water it comes off like crazy. I know I had it all the way up to my ears. I practically had my head in the bag eating they were so good. Felt a litle full but other than that started the swim feeling prety good.

Honestly, other than the pool turning orange, there was absolutely no effect from the junk food Cheetos. No stomach issues, nothing. An ocasional "burp" underwater which was really fun and amazing. In fact they may have carbo'd me into new speeds. It was a good easy speed swim and really nothing else to atribute it to other than the Cheetos.

So like the race car drivers and soccer players, tonight I am sewing the bag onto the back of my skinsuit. It will look so cool. A new sponsorship maybe?

Pool Change
The worse part of the evening was the fact that my warm pool is closing until January 4th and I will now be swimming in a pool that is very much the same as the Arctic. It is a pool that makes me about as cold as I have ever been. I am concerned about swimming my distances in such a pool and also they have shorter hours in the evenings. So tonight was the last swim of 2011 in the warm pool. It will be a huge change. Yeah I know you all are saying "suck it up" and swim. All I will say back to you is that I will be stuffing my skinsuit with used Cheetos bags and trying to stay warm.

Winter Tip

No matter what type of workouts or races you have planned. If it is a long run/ride/ or swim on the weekend, please hydrate and add a higher protein/carbs mix during the week and not the night before. Your body needs fuel. Fill it up and treat it well.

Forward we go! May your adventures on the roads, trails, pools, and lakes be happy and safe and may they bring you peace! Take care out there!

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