Friday, July 25, 2008

Support and Encouragement...You Never Know Where It Might Come From

There are times when the little things in running become the biggest. People supporting your running and giving you encouragement is one of those things. Sometimes they don't realize it, but their words of encouragement and show of support will probably send you on your way to a great run or race that day. Such was the case for me yesterday.

My running schedule is such that I always run about the same time each day. Those times change during different times of the year, but I am very predictable (Those who know me are getting a kick out of that statement.) as far as a training routine goes. I have a set time to run and usually it doesn't vary much from day to day. Yesterday was no exception. You see, on Thursday's we have our residential trash collection and about the time I leave to run, the city truck comes by our house to pick up the trash for the week. A few months ago, the guys on the truck started asking me questions about running and how far I ran and how often and things like that. They were really interested in what I was doing but I could tell they were also thinking that there was a little bit of crazy in the guy they met each Thursday that took off running. But each Thursday that has passed this summer, we have always ended up meeting about the same time and our running discussions have grown from just a few questions to really talking about what's up next on the race schedule and how far was I going that particular day. Always later in my run I see them and they all wave and honk the horn on the truck just to say hi. Names? No we haven't gotten that far yet. We are just curbside friends.

Yesterday, I left a little early and thinking that I had missed them I was a little down. I actually looked forward to seeing them and talking to them each Thursday. As I walked down the street to start my run, there was no Thursday "HI!", no words of encouragement on this hot morning, no questions about why was I running so many miles that day. An empty start to my run.

Then there it was. From about a block and a half away. I could hear the truck. One of the guys yelled at the top of his lungs, "Hey buddy, have a good run today!", and with that the horn on the truck blasted louder than I had ever heard it. Probably woke up half of the neighborhood. It absolutely gave me chills. I waved to them, yelled back to them, and began my run feeling on top of the world and off for a great training run that day. I wondered if they really knew how much it meant to me. Next Thursday, I will wait and make sure that we meet and tell them thanks for the words of encouragement and support. I hope I can do something for them soon.

Support and encouragement. The little things are really big things.

Forward we go! May your roads and trails be happy and safe!

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