Sunday, September 14, 2008

Great Sunday Long Run

What more can you ask for in a long training run? Great running group. Great temperatures. Great stories, jokes, and other discussions. Nothing escapes this group as far as what can possibility be discussed. It doesn't get much better than it was Sunday. Our Sunday group was ready to go today. My son Andy, Brett, Joel, Casey, and Maria and I started out on a windy crisp day for a long training run. Our Sunday group is really awesome because anyone that comes can really just pick a distance that they want to accomplish that day and go for it. Some of the group members are training for upcoming races at a variety of distances and others are out for the great time of being out with the group. Distance really isn't a factor. Today's goals were from 5-20 miles. Some of the group ran a 10K race yesterday and I ran my second long run of the weekend. It just all works out. Today's run went fast. It seems like when you run in a group the miles go by so much quicker. I am really impressed with everyone in the group. They are all excellent runners and have a determination to accomplish what they set out to do that day. I have the greatest amount of respect for all of them as they find their distance for the day, go for it, and are supported by the group to reach their goal. They are amazing! It seems that the group communication as far as pace goes is always great and there are times we do push each other to reach for a faster pace and also give encouragement as we travel up a "fun" incline.

Of course there are other important factors that make our group training runs a success. That would be my wife Berta who meets us at several stops along the way to support us with a buffet of running nutrition possibilities. It's really amazing that she gives up many Saturday's and Sunday's to help us out or if the group is not running she follows me to help me on my solo training runs. Hydration and nutrition are just not a "worry" factor because she is there to help us out. If one of the group chooses to stop at a certain distance she shuttles them back to our house where we started and then hurries back to meet us again at the next stop. We are all truly blessed to have someone so dedicated to helping us out!

As I train for upcoming races, I am thankful to have the opportunity to run with such a great group of runners. It was a blast this morning, thanks everyone!

Forward we go! May your roads and trails be happy and safe!

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