Thursday, February 12, 2009

Runner's World Recipe Finder

There are times when a website really puts out something that is really very helpful. Today's Runner's World Online email mentioned their Recipe Finder. It is a great collection of food ideas that just make your mouth water to think about them. It is also a very easy to navigate and to just look for ideas that might really fit your nutrition needs. Sometimes it is good to have these ideas at your fingertips in case you are looking for something to fix for a meal/snack and really need to try something new or just change up an existing one that you might already have.

Each tab has multiple categories for a variety of nutritional needs. It's fun to just explore the site and take advantage of the incredible recipe ideas available to you. I think that they have covered just about everything that I can think of that a person might want if they are searching for ideas for meal planning. The site is filled with ideas that are really ones that we all can do. Ones that don't require us to have our own chef at our house.

The category search feature is really great. The categories are:course/dish type, health concerns, dietary needs, main ingredient, cuisine, occasion, cooking method, cook/prep time,
cooking skill, and food for fitness. This feature really makes it all work so well in a search of what you might want to eat.

Enjoy this site. Bookmark it/ put it on your favorites so you can get to it fast. It really has lots of information for all types of runners and cyclists.

Forward we go! May your roads and trails be happy and safe!

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