Monday, April 20, 2009


That's all that really needs to be said. Boston. Today was the day of one of the most amazing races in the world. It was great to watch the battles that the elite men and women waged against each other. The pace was incredible. The emotion was sky high. The effort was out of this world. Congratulations to all participants whether you were in the elite group or one of the runners that qualified to run in the most famous marathon in the world. It is a memory that you will always have.

When I ran the 111th edition of the marathon in 2007, there were a few interesting twists. The weather being one. But now as I look back, the weather becomes less important and the actual experience becomes the most vivid. And yes, the hills are that steep. They mean what they say about the Newton Hills and Heartbreak Hill.

Today as runners lined up at the start. I could feel the tension, anticipation, eagerness, race strategies running through each head, eyes focused on the road ahead, and the thought that you had finally made it to Boston. It was exciting!

Yes, I know there are some that qualify each year and to you I say congratulations. But there are still some of us that hold the marathon as one of the most important running events that we can ever do. I have been fortunate this year to run two qualifying time races and will run it for the second time in 2010. I got goosebumps today when the race started. My emotions were strong and my eyes were focused on the computer screen. It was time for Boston. The marathon. The tradition. The epic running battles. We saw tears of sadness, and tears of joy and accomplishment.

I look forward to meeting the challenge again. This time, the hills are mine!

Forward we go! may your roads and trail be happy and safe!

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