Thursday, December 8, 2011

Man vs. Junk Food Round 2

Effect Zero

With all due respect to the Girl Scouts of the USA and their wonderful cookie sales, I did classify their cookies as junk food. Now, take into consideration that I am sure some individuals could live on Thin Mints for many years but the fact is that there is little if any nutritional value in their products. That said....

Today before my training run that consisted of stadium stairs, field sprints, and an 8 mile run, I ate a few Girl scout cookies. Well to be exact, 20 of them. I thought 20 cookies would surely do something to me. The Shout Outs cookies were mine for a day. By eating 20, I had about 269 calories, 10g of fat, 16g sugar, 4g protein. My normal intake before a workout is nearly 4x's that as far as calories and at least 10x's that for proteins. so needless to say I either should have eaten two boxes or just eaten the box itself and called it good.

They were tasty. But as far as providing any usefulness for my training there was none. Actually I find it a little hard to even call them "junk food" when you look at the ingredients on the panel on the box. They gave me no energy whatsoever. Much of what I used as far as energy stores was what accumulated throughout the day as far as snacks, breakfast, and lunch.

So Round 2 was a disappointment. No effect from the snack. So the next opportunities for the snacks to reach up and get me are next Tuesday and Thursday. Until then, feel free to have about 20 Shout Outs and have a free mind about doing it. Either that or salt the box and have a go at it.

Suggestions are welcome as far as what you would consider "junk food". Just let me know and I'll give it a try. I don't feel that I have really scratched the surface of possibilities yet. Pretty tame snacks so far.

Forward we go! May your adventures on the roads, trail, pools, and lakes be happy and safe and bring you peace of mind! Take care out there!

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