Thursday, June 26, 2008

New Shoes. Wow!

The UPS truck rolled up to my house the other day and screeched to a halt as they always do. In it, were my two new pairs of Brooks Infiniti's. (Well, I'm sure there were other things in the truck as well.) There is nothing quite like getting new shoes to run in I don't think. Often they replace shoes that are near and dear to us and have logged their share of miles through all kinds of weather, races, and training. Not to say that we didn't appreciate all that they did for us, but it's time for the new ones to take over. With great anticipation, I opened the box and knew in a minute that these were the fast ones that Brooks sent me. Of course! The new shoe smell and the inside the shoe junk that always comes with them were all there waiting for me to take in. I just stopped and held them. I thought about all of the possibilities that they held. They smelled like a new car. I always order two pairs at a time so that I can rotate them daily especially on those double training days. Naturally, when I wore them for the first time the bounce was incredible. I felt that I was running on clouds. They felt fast! They felt fantastic! Yeah, there's nothing like a new pair of shoes.

Take a look at the Runner's World Summer 2008 Shoe Guide online. Click on Shoes & Gear to get to the shoe guide. Also, take a look at your current shoes and make sure that they are ok. It might be time for you to get to have the UPS truck screech to a halt in front of your house and deliver that new shoe smell to you.

Forward we go! May your roads and trails be happy and safe!

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