Sunday, March 29, 2009

Watch Out for Falling Ice!

This morning my alarm went off just as it had yesterday morning. Today was different though. Instead of being greeted by early morning snow, ice, and wind, the pre-dawn sunlight was peaking over the horizon with renewed vigor. By some magic, the ice was gone off of the streets and some of the yards. However, as I started my 20 mile run, I noticed that the ice was still holding a nervous grip on the power lines.

I have always been amused by the road signs in the mountains that warn us of "Watch for Falling Rock Ahead". It's been my opinion that when you see that sign, It's too late. The rocks aren't going to comply with the request of a sign. Plus, I'm not going to stop and watch. Doesn't make sense to wait to be crushed. Seems I always drive a little faster during those stretches.

Anyway, today as I ran, I was bombarded by large ice chunks falling off of the power lines. There were no signs along the way that said "Watch Out for Falling Ice". I did run a little faster however. The ice was losing its grip. I was paying for it. Then it took on a whole new meaning as it hit me for maybe the fourth time.

The ice breaking away from the power lines was somewhat symbolic of many of the things that we are all going through right now. As the ice breaks away, it leaves the lines free. The ice is symbolic of things holding us back. When the ice breaks away it releases the lines back to regain strength and work harder to do what they are there to do.

It's kind of like us as we start a new season of running. Many of us have run all winter and even run races. Others are now starting to get their training programs underway for a future race. And some are in training to gain fitness with no desire to race. All of us have the common thread of needing to break free of some things. What's holding you back? You can form your own list, but just like the power lines, it's time to regain our strength and work even harder towards our goals.

The sign should say, "Watch Out for Runners Breaking Free".

Forward we go! May your roads and trails be happy and safe!

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