Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Man vs. Fast Food....Tuesday is Burger King

My visit today to Burger King was interesting to say the least. As you saw in the video, there are several options that you can choose from. But we also need to keep in mind some very important points about nutrition. The Whopper Jr. Hamburger was the lowest in calories plus the lowest in sodium. The BK Quad Stacker got the Sodium King award for the day because it had 1,800mg of sodium in it as well as 1,000 calories. Whew, that is a sandwich to avoid if you are on the go and needing a meal before or after an activity.

Some other menu items that I looked at were ones that need to carefully be considered if you are on the go and need something before or after walking, running, or cycling. Here are some interesting comparisons:
*Triple Whopper with Cheese- high in calories, high fat, but high in protein
*Tender Grill Chicken w/o mayo- low fat
*Tendercrisp Chicken- high carbs
*BK Quad Stacker- high sodium, high calories. The sodium King for Today!
*Regular hamburger- low calories and low carbs

The Side Garden Salad with low fat dressing is a great choice and as was the case yesterday you could eat several of those to equal one of the large sandwiches that Burger King has to offer. A Side Garden Salad with a Whopper Jr. or Hamburger would would be a good combination to order if you also included low fat dressing for the salad. Other salad options were not as positive. The Tendergrill Chicken Salad had good protein but was high in other categories. The Tendercrisp Chicken Garden Salad was high in calories, high in fat, high in sodium, and high in carb. I think that this is one to stay away from.

So for today. The focus is still on portion size and trying to find combinations like the Whopper Jr. and Side Garden Salad that would be just right for you. Avoiding the high calorie, high fat and high carb menu selections is a must. Also, watch the sodium and sugar content of what you are eating. That is so important.

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