Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Kansas Ironman 70.3 Update 8

Today was a pretty good day. Started off with an early wake-up to go swim. I noticed some lightning but thought it was far away but by the time I got to the pool it had spread all around. So no swimming today. Came home and slept a bit and then got on the bike and did 40 miles. It was a good ride. Again rode part of the course and just ran through my mind what I would do during certain parts of it.

Today I also went out to the lake area and tested the wetsuit with a brief but very beneficial mentally swim. Just to get the feel of the lake. The fact that you can se nothing but green slim and things floating around, it is so much different than pool swimming. Wait a minute, the pool looks like that too. No just kidding. Practiced getting the wetsuit off and the transition. Now I am not after any records, just a good finish, but getting that wetsuit off was a task. Body Glided up and all. Wow, not easy.

I also took a tour of the race site this evening. It was beautiful out there. They were stuffing packets and setting things up. It was fantastic to get out there and see where everything is. Found the swim start and the transition area to bike. Then found the transition area for bike to run. Really took a lot off my mind to see everything. There are some major hills after the transitions so I already plotted a low gear start and a slow easy pace at the start of the run to get my legs ready. Plus it was just a beautiful walk on a nice warm evening.

Tomorrow brings somewhat of a hard taper day. A 4 mile run, 2000 meter swim, and a 25 mile ride. Then celebrating my wife's birthday the rest of the day.

Until tomorrow...

Forward we go! May your roads, trails, lakes, and pools be happy and safe and may the bring you peace of mind!

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Andy Woolard said...

awesome! you're ready! did the red rocks repeats tonight and thought of you!