Saturday, October 1, 2011

Blog Wake-Up.. Again

Back in January I stated that it was time for this blog and blogger to wake up. Well that did not happen. I don't know why but things just did not make it to the blogosphere. I guess I just wasn't charged up about what I was writing and grew weary of the same type of comments that I was making.

So the format will change and the content definitely will change. I want to get into some areas that are not so predictable. You know, I want you to look at this blog and see just what I have come up with next. Each post will contain specific short pieces on a variety of content areas. I hope you will add comments and enjoy a few laughs or mad moments where you want to fire off a reply that burns my computer up. Whatever the reason, read and react. I am not going to put live links in the blog because it takes too long and you all are big boys and girls and can find the stuff on your own. I mean really, come on.

So here goes....

Award Winning Recipes From Chef Mickey-
Tupperware of Stuff Made in a Pot

Warning: This blog's incredible recipe includes some difficult maneuvering around the kitchen so only attempt this if you have the old running shoes on and a old running clothes on.

Get out some cans of tomatoes, cook up some ground turkey, throw in some different kinds of beans (2-3 cans of each should be fine), some banana peppers (Only on non-swimming days) and open the cans and pour robustly into the pot. If you want to pay triple the price, buy fresh. They were fresh before they put them into the cans. It won't hurt you. Heat up in the microwave for a little bit or until it almost burns your tongue and serve. Preferably only to yourself.

You know, you read all of those fancy recipes in the magazines? Who really makes that stuff. Come on.... A. It's to expensive. B. You don't have the time. C. You really don't care.


I am constantly reading about all of these super athletes that do all sorts of amazing things. We very seldom hear about those people that run/walk a bit everyday. To them I say, "Fantastic Job", keep up the good work. Because at the end of the day no one has ever asked to see the medals won at a race or wanted to talk about "my" race results. Keep it simple and your ego out of it!

Confusion Dept.

Participants in the TV show Amazing Race.
Drivers trying to get around cyclists.
Stoplights that are blinking and confound drivers at what to do.
When the walk sign turns to don't walk and the numbers start counting down. Do you go back?
Selecting Wine. Aren't there only so many grapes?
Blank DVD's and CD's

Nutrition Tip

If you can't read the ingredients, don't eat it!

Training Tip

If your socks look worn, they probably are. Stay out of Walmart!

Last but not least....

You can hear more of this crazy stuff on my DailyMile, Twitter, and Facebook pages. You can follow, friend or whatever you do to get this stuff.

Take care of yourselves!

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