Monday, October 10, 2011

You Heard it Here First


Strong rumor out of France that there is a small town developing a new cycling kit made out of cowboy/cowgirl grade denim. Bull riding tested, this new kit features the comfort of high grade and long lasting chafing. Color scheme is light blue and/or dark blue. Features one large pocket in the back mysteriously shaped like a disk. Sequins can be added upon special request. Release date expected in time for Spring fashion splash. There will be a limited supply so jump on this when you get the chance. Everyone will want the chance to show off this new idea in kit fashion and durability.

Training Tip

Ever wonder why after most races there is a beer waiting for you after the finish line? One of the most dehydrating beverages you can possibly drink. Then within the next few feet are several sports drinks that you can have followed by boatloads of bottles of water. Interesting order of serving. My son and I did the Austin Marathon once and towards the finish line...still don't know why you have an out and back in a beautiful town like Austin....and there was a little stand that offered small glasses of beer. Recovery we thought? Energy we thought? Why not, we thought? Drank some down and spit right back out. Yep, beer is the breakfast of some champions but not this one.

Seriously...Pay attention to your water intake at least one week before a race and actually keep water in your training routine at all times enhanced with electrolytes everyday. This especially goes for those of you that let your car get to "E" before you fill up. I bet you do that to your body too!


License plates with a message on them. Why?

Award Winning Recipes from Chef Mickey

Flank Steak Delight

Put some flank steak in a crockpot. Throw the whole thing in there. Add some vegetables. Squash works great of may cause some GI trouble if you train to quick after. Like up to 48 hours after. (Just joking) Close the lid. Put on medium heat for a bunch of hours or until mooing stops. Try on running, swimming, cycling partner first then proceed with your portion. When done, stand back. There will be hot steam coming out of the lid. Don't look in to see what is going on. Come's steak in a pot.


Have some fun this week. Laugh. Smile. Then remember how lucky your are to be doing what you are doing!

Take care and have a great week!

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