Friday, April 25, 2008

A Great Run...But Wait, There's More

Yesterday I had one of those runs that I wish I could box up and keep for one of those days when I feel sluggish and like I am pulling the weight of the world behind me. You know what I mean. The run was fast, smooth, everything felt good. Weather was ok. I had good strength and power. It was really one of those days that you wish you had the nerve to yell out, "Look at me, I'm having a fantastic run". But you don't because of what people might think. I was so excited that, well, I did yell out. No one could hear me because of the traffic, so I was safe. It felt good! But wait, there was more.

As I walked back to my house during my cool down, I noticed that just about every tree that I saw was blooming. New leaves were all over the trees. Flowers were breaking through the winter ground with a burst of energy. The yards were starting to turn green. Kids were playing outside. People were out working in their yards. It had all happened so fast, so smooth, so powerful. The flowers were stretching with new strength racing to get the best look at the sun. It was as if they were yelling out to give notice that they were up and ready for the new season.

However, unlike when I yelled out about my fantastic run and nobody heard me. These signs of spring yelled out, and I listened and heard. Then I stopped, looked up and said, "Thank You! What a great run!".

Forward we go! May your roads and trails be happy and safe!


Larry said...

We have discussed so many times exactly what this segment is about.
If we could just figure out what makes some days this great and others feel like our legs are tree trunks with no spring. Long live the days like you had that just put a smile on our face and hearts.
These are the days that I thank God just for letting me be alive and able to run like a child.

Joel said...

Couldn't agree more with you post and larry's comment. It's nice when we can enjoy the purity of running like that. It really can be magic!

Oh yeah and don't worry, when I am out on the levee trail alone I scream out all sorts of things.