Monday, April 7, 2008

Ultra Experience

Sunday April 6, 2008... Brew to Brew is Finally Here
3:00AM- Alarm goes off. Start getting ready (follow race day list)
4:00AM- Leave Lawrence, eat oatmeal mixed with apples and soy milk and drive to start
5:00AM- Arrive at Brew to Brew start. Drink pre-race drink of Hammer's Heed
5:20AM- Start stretching workout, meet up with "The Group", eat Hammer Bar
6:00AM- Get on bus for short ride to the starting point.
6:15 AM- The adventure begins

Yesterday was my first Ultra-Marathon. I completed the Brew to Brew race from Kansas City to Lawrence in 8:54:43. It was one of the most unbelievable running experiences that I have ever had. I say that for several reasons. It was just awesome! The race featured a 3 foot wall to climb over at our pre-dawn start, levee rocks the size of small boulders, mud, sand, gravel roads with chunks of rocks as big as golf balls, wind, a rain shower, sunshine, and clouds. I loved every minute of it! It was by far the biggest running challenge that I had ever trained for. I had three goals for the race: (1) Finish, (2) Have Fun, and (3) Maintain pace. All goals were accomplished. My training plan was effective and well thought out. My race day strategies worked very well. It was a good day!

There are other reasons the day went so well. For one thing, Berta had everything all organized for me as far as food and all of my Hammer Nutrition products. Special thanks to our daughter Kelsey for her Finish Line tape that I got to break through coming down the stairs to start the day. Kelsey and Berta's great signs. Kelsey has made the best signs you can ever imagine for all of my races. They really inspire me! The support of "The Group". I had someone running with me the entire way. They were supporting me, keeping me on pace, telling great stories, and taking good care of me the entire route. Many thanks to all of you for helping me out. Some of the members of the group ran many more miles (10,14,20 miles) than they expected. I will always remember all that you did! Thank you Andy and Caroline for all of the organizing. Andy and I have shared the road many times from 5K's to Marathons. We have helped each other through many training and racing situations where we really needed each other for support. This race was no exception. As Andy ran (26 miles total-marathon distance- including the last three legs of the race with me), we approached the final leg and I realized that I had a chance to finish under 9 hours. I mentioned it to Andy and off we went on the final 4.7 miles at an increased pace that was amazing. I had a sudden surge of energy and felt really strong. Legs were strong and the body was ready to go for it. He paced me with expert technique and as we pushed to the finish I knew we would make it. We did! 8:54:43. What a day!

Again, thanks to all of you who helped me realize another running dream. You are all a big part of my running family and mean so much to me!

Forward we go! May your roads and trails be happy and safe!


Andy Woolard said...

what a great day, dad. congrats.

Heather said...

Congratulations on such a great accomplishment!

Larry said...

Congratulations to all who participated in this event. Mickey, you have raised the bar for all runners not only in our running but also our daily activities and lifes.
Set goals, develop a plan, overcome obstacles, follow through.

Caroline Pierce said...

what an amazing day...BTW check out this site - great way to keep track of your results!

Mickey's Miles said...

Caroline,I just saw this site and registered today. It looks great.