Sunday, April 20, 2008

Pictures from the Brew to Brew Ultra-Marathon

In my first post about the Brew to Brew race, I mentioned the great group of friends that I had run with me during the entire race. Many thanks to all of them! Here, some of "The Group" waits before the race.

Just before the start of the race. It was great to have my son Andy to run with during the race! Andy would run several parts of the race and eventually run the distance of a full marathon. The Brooks Infiniti jacket was a great addition to my race gear.

Just after the start of the race.

Stretching. Thanks Randall! Randall is my personal trainer. He really got me ready through many sessions of work on stretching and strength training. It was very important to stretch during the race during the re-fueling stops. I had a great set of stretches to do. Used them most of the time, but there were stops that I just ate and ran.

Hammer Time. Thanks again Berta for all of your help! The hand-held bottle thing was new for me. What an adventure that was. It was sure great to have it between stops!

Here I am with Andy at the finish. What can I say, I was really happy about accomplishing my goal of running the race under 9 hours.

Just finished the race and was getting this really cool hand-made clay medal. We had great weather here at the finish after a mixture of everything during the race.

Talking to Berta here telling her that I was already planning my next ultra. I don't think she was surprised. Felt really good after the race.

The race was a fantastic experience. Many great memories. Can't wait to do another ultra!

Forward we go! May your roads and trails be happy and safe!

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