Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Kansas Ironman 70.3 Update 1

Thought I would do a daily update as the Kansas Ironman approaches in less than two weeks (June 6th). These updates will include training for the day, nutrition, as well as thoughts and reflections. Some days the post will be short and I am sure some days it will be long. This will be my first Ironman (Swim 1.2 Miles/Cycle 56 miles/Run 13.1 Miles) so I know there will be lots to share.

I have run several marathons and ultras but decided that there was a need for a new adventure. So far, that has that has not been a disappointment. Each day brings new information for the mind and body to take in. Just like marathon and ultra training, there are good days and days that are a challenge. I have always felt that coaches and consultants should not coach themselves. So it is in that light that I have put my training in the hands of a fantastic coach. He has years of experience in cycling, running, swimming, and nutrition. It makes me appreciate all the more the training plans and information that I give to my own clients.

The biggest jolt in the training has been the early morning swims. Generally all of my running training before has been in the evenings then mornings on the weekends. Not so anymore. It's wake-up at 4:00AM and swim for it!

Here is a brief sampling of a schedule for the week:

Monday: 5:00AM Swim/Afternoon Spin of 20-25 miles

Tuesday: Afternoon Running Speedwork/Followed with a 20 mile Spin

Wednesday: 5:00AM Swim/Afternoon Spin 2.5 hours

Thursday: Same as Tuesday

Friday: 5:00AM Swim/Afternoon Run of 4-6 miles/Afternoon Spin of 20-25 miles

Saturday:5:00AM Swim/Morning Run of 10-12/Morning Spin of 25 miles

Sunday:Morning Spin of 2.5-3.5 hours

Nutrition has been key. With the additional training I have had to add calories to fuel this engine. A good breakfast followed by a mid-morning snack (Brown Rice Protein and a banana), then lunch and a mid-afternoon snack before afternon training, following the training I have a huge glass of Soy Milk and then dinner about an hour after. Evening snack consists of a large Casein Portein shake. Hyration has increased big time even though at first I swallowed enough pool water to keep me going for several days. Electrolytes have also been very important as there have been some mornings at swim training that I have had to deal with some light cramping in the legs. That seems to be better now.

Mentally, just getting the confidence that I can put all three of these together in one day has been the ultimate goal. Telling the brain that yes we are going to run after a 60 mile ride is difficult until it realizes that in fact we are going to do this. Also, I will be swimming in the lake soon to get the feel of the "out of pool" body experience. Today, I'm a little tense.

Today's schedule calls for a 5 mile run followed by a 20 mile ride directly after. Weather today is a threat, as thunderstorms are forecast to move in about the time I start. Hope they hold off!

Tomorrow will be a recap of today's training and a look ahead at upcoming training.

Forward we go! May your roads, trails, and pools be happy and safe and may they bring you peace of mind!

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It sounds like you're ready!!!