Friday, May 28, 2010

Kansas Ironman 70.3 Update 4

Started off today with an early morning swim of 200's drill, kick, swim, drill, kick, swim. The 8 150's swim with 20 second break between 150's. Then I did a cool down 200. Total I think around 2600 meters. I had the wetsuit (2XU) debut today. I was uneventful actually except for the getting on and off. Wow, that is really difficult. Body Glide helped but I will have to have more practice. I will wear it again at tomorrow's early swim. As typically happens to a rookie doing an Ironman, everyone vanished when it came time to finally zip me up. Yep, let the rookie figure it out. Well this rookie did. I just went on out and got some help getting the back all together. Kinder minds prevailed. When I actually got in the water it was unbelievable how much floating power. I don't even think I kicked during the first 100 due to the fact that my feet were out of the water. The suit restricts your stroke and I will have to get use to that, but I finally got somewhat of a hang of it towards the end. It does give me some confidence as far as staying on top of the water better and not letting my hips sink. Need to keep my head down more and also practiced looking ahead without taking a breath. also, worked on extending my arms above my head on each stroke,reaching more. So tomorow, more of the same. Wetsuit episode #2. Stay tuned.

After the swim I went on a 30 mile ride concentrating on staying down on the aero bars as much as I could and also working on the gears I would use for the hills. Still not happy with my hill techniques yet. Would like to not be in the lower gears. I tried out my 2XU Tri-Suit too for the bike. Really liked it. Very comfortable and had a light feel to it. Ride was very good today. HAd good strength.

Nutrition today was not what it should have been. My fault. Took a nap and got out of whack as far as routine. One banana before swim + Hammer Nutrition Supplements during and after swim, my special mix of powder drink. Then nothing before ride, mistake stomach was growling, and after ride had Hammer Recoverite Shake. Snack this afternoon was one of my nutrition bars that I make. Dinner was chicken and a sweet potatoe. And in a few minutes I will have my before bed Casein Shake. The part that I messed up on was not enough hydration and a good blend of carbs and protein in liquid form. That will be corrrected tomorrow. Be sure of that.

Tomorrow's training starts with early morning swim, followed by a 50 mile ride, followed by a short run. Within the next few days my goal is to get in the lake and swim and on Tues and Thurs practice Transitions 1 & 2 at the lake.

Feeling pretty good tonight. But... Didn't sleep well last night at all. Put two protein drinks too close together and I had way to much energy to sleep. Shoulders were a little sore from the wetsuit changing my stroke a little. So went into today's training with 4 hours of sleep.Not good. Must get better at getting to bed at 9:00PM.

Looking forward to reporting in tomorrow night.

Forward we go! May your roads, trails, lakes, and pools be happy and safe and may they bring you peace of mind.

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