Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day/ Kansas Ironman 70.3 Update 7

Interesting day today. Swim workout (1800 meters) was sluggish. One of those days. My late afternoon swim yesterday I think really had an impact on the early hour swim today. I'll have to learn better timing. Quality not quantity. Rested quite a bit today after a short spin of 10 miles. Put in some extra fuel and feel much better this evening.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) I speak at the start of a middle school running camp and I am excited about that. Topic will be "At the Starting Line, We all Line Up Together". Focus will be that through proper training, coaching, and nutrition we can all accomplish great things no matter what our level of ability. This camp is a great opportunity for these kids to learn about so many things about running and be together with their peers and enjoy the fun of running.

During my swim and ride today, I was constantly thinking about what today meant. Memorial Day. Over and over in my head I thought of countless people who have impacted the freedoms we enjoy everyday. As I was pulling myself out of the pool, a little tired and sluggish, I thought of the many servicewomen and servicemen that are defending our country as we speak as well as those that have gone before them. That each day they experience fatigue and long hours of physically and mentally demanding efforts. They muster up the courage to forge ahead and do the best they can every single day and night. As I sat on the edge of the pool at sunrise, my feelings of being tired did not seem justified. They would only be temporary.

I can't imagine the pain the many men and women have faced leaving their families to serve our country for extended amounts of time to both near and far away places. I can also not imagine the pain of those families that have lost loved ones in the line of duty. The ultimate sacrifice. Generation after generation of men and women have served in various capacities to protect our freedom. To them and their families I say thank you and God Bless.

Our family today remembered my Dad as we placed flowers at his grave. We also remembered my wife's Mother, Dad, and Brother and the wonderful moments that we all shared. As I looked across the cemetery, I saw so many brightly arranged flowers and messages and even a few balloons and it made me feel both sad and happy. Loved ones missed. Memories celebrated for what they brought to the lives of their loved ones.

Memorial Day. The hope for peace is never ending. God Bless you all!

Forward we go! May the roads, trails, pools, and lakes be happy and safe and may they bring you peace of mind!

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