Saturday, April 17, 2010

Boston Update 6

The day started out with a little bit of a sleep in since after our room service dinner at 1:00AM wasn't finished until 2:00AM. Great meal though. Getting in at midnight had its advantages and disadvantages. Almost all were very positive. Rain and cold still haunt the running picture. Hoping the weather gets better! Brought everything I had in terms of clothes so I hope I am prepared for whatever the weather turns out to be.

Did a short 4 mile run this morning along the South Boston Waterfront and loved the route. Wished that I could have spent more time but followed training taper and pre-race plans not to run further. Took the subway train to the Expo. The Expo was packed but there were so many great vendors there it really didn't matter. Bought a lot of things this time. Oops! Got to visit with Steve DeKoker at the Brooks Running booth. Great to talk to Steve and see the Brooks products on display. Also, stopped by the Fellowship of Christian Athletes Team Endurance Booth and talked to them. I am a FCA Team Endurance runner. Purchased a new piece of equipment for my bike. It's called the Smash Bottle from Smash Sports. Great hands-free attachment for the bike. Look into the website. Very interesting approach! I stopped at the Team 413 Booth and visited with Chris about his program.The Boston Marathon Expo is one of the best Expos you'll find and there are so many outstanding volunteers everywhere to help.

Had a great time at the DailyMile party. It was great to see people that I get to talk with on the DailyMile site and put names with faces. It was a great group and there were some great give aways.

Did a 45 min. evening swim. Light workout and then on to dinner. The Intercontinental Hotel Concierge recommended the Chart House Restaurant. Located on the Boston Inner Harbor. It was amazing. The food and service were superior! And we had VIP treatmenat for the evening. Wonderful! Almost felt like an Elite runner for a while. Great way to end the day. The staff at each place exceed expectations time and again.

So tomorrow it's a light 30-40 minute run and then rest for the rest of the day until the FCA Team Endurance meeting later in the afternoon. Then dinner at the hotel since they are providing a special runners meal Sunday night. It will be gear prep day. Also, nice big naps!

Boston Buterflies are flying high tonight! Whew!

Forward we go! May your roads andtrails and pools be happy and safe and may the give you peace of mind!

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