Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Boston Race Report

The morning started out with a wake-up call at 5:0AM after a 2:30AM fire alarm in the hotel. Thankfully we didn’t have to evacuate. Anyway, it was back to sleep for a brief time and up for a banana and the start of Hammer Heed. Sunglasses broke and had to tape them. THen at the start of the race had to use Duct Tape. Left the hotel at 6:00AM for a quick walk over to meet the buses at Boston Commons. That’s where Berta and I said our race farewells and pre-race prayer. The bus line was very efficient and the lines moved quickly. I was happy to get on the bus and start the adventure for the Boston Marathon.

Upon arriving in Hopkinton, I went directly to the athletes’ village. There I found a space to wait for the next 2 ½ hours until the start of the race at 10:00AM. I brought a plastic mat to sit on, my pre-race meal of peanut butter and whole wheat crackers, Hammer Heed, a poncho, Hammer Bar, a towel, disposable warm-up suit, gloves, supplements and an extra shirt and cap. All needed for the long wait before the race. As race time neared, I made sure I took care of all of the restroom needs, took supplements 90 minutes before the race and got my things packed up for the drop bag to be dropped off at the bus on the way to the corals. All was accomplished without too much trouble. I rested well at the village and food settled well. Weather was cold and windy, but partly cloudy which was a blessing over my run in 2007.

It was time to walk down to the corrals which were about 7/10 of a mile away they said. I was in the first wave. It was great to visit with people once we got into the corral and then anticipate the race. The walk down to your corral is an emotional one because you think about just how you got to this race, the people that supported you and understood your wacky training and eating routines. My goal this year was to start out more conservatively and not force the start. That worked well and I really held on because most of the first 9 miles are downhill. Speed and excitement usually make you start out much faster than you want and then you have little left at the beginning of the Newton Hills.

As I said yesterday, the crowd support was amazing and welcomed. I went along at a reasonable pace and felt great. Refueling at miles 4,10,14,18,22, and 24. I took powered Hammer Heed and Perpetuem which I had in small tubes on my belt. I also took GU Chomps. All nutrition worked well, thank you again Hammer Nutrition products! They are amazing! Supplements taken during the race included: Hammer Endurolytes and Endurance Amino Caps. Two of each on the hour.

The goal of the race time wise for me was around 4:10. Especially since I have Big Sur this week on Sunday. However, my ½ marathon split was 1:53:39. That fired some unknown spark in my head and I thought about, briefly, a sub 4 hour Boston.

The rest of the splits were:
5K 26:26
10K 54:18
15K 1:20:37
20K 1:43:49
Half 1:53:49
25K 2:15:45
30K 2:44:23
35K 3:14:16
40K 3:42:29
Finish 3:53:13

Pace was 8:54

After the race I went through the medal area, food area, and met Berta at the Family reunite area which was great! She had a hug and a rose, also my post-race supplements and Hammer Recoverite. We then walked back to the hotel and had a great time discussing the race and enjoying the Boston Commons Park area and all of it’s beauty. The evening included a quick swim to relax the body and a great dinner.

Boston was a great experience and I look forward to Big Sur on Sunday. We leave Thursday morning for that race.

Forward we go! May your roads, trail, and pools be happy and safe and bring you peace of mind!


Jennifer said...

I've been waiting for this report! It's sounds exciting and I hope I can qualify in December. I think it's absolutely wonderful that you finished under 4 and 52 minutes faster than your 2007? There is no excuse for awesomeness....

Katie said...

Nice job at Boston! I sooo want to qualify for Boston, but I might have to wait a bit. I'm 5 months pregnant, but keeping up the miles and already planning my next marathon post baby! Good luck on Sunday!

Kevin Patrick Coyle said...

a faster second half at boston is no easy task, no matter what time you run it in. great job!