Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Boston Update 4

Wednesday evening brings more packing. Tonight the packing will make it into the final stages. I have decided to brave the Baggage Check-In issues and go ahead and check my running gear. This is a first except one time in Chicago where my carry-on was rejected by security because it was too long. Humm on the flight to this city on the same airline it was ok. Well no questions asked. Bags do grow I guess. The bag was checked after a minor panic attack. So here we go. A new adventure. Intentional here are my running clothes, please don't lose them because I am running Boston. We'll see.

Today's training went well. Talked to a couple of people that had recently run Boston and got some good advice from them about "the hills". I need to stop worrying about that area of the race. Start out at an even pace and have good energy ready for that part.Pacing will be key. I started out way too fast on '07 so I want to be smarter this time. when the first few miles are all downhill, you kind of lose focus and say, "wow, look at me go", then wonder what happened later on. Of course there will be those that it doesn't bother at all. They start and end fast.

Both pairs of my Brooks Infiniti's feel about equal so I will need to decide in the next few days which one will be the race pair. Great shoe and one I would highly recommend. A few more runs will decide that. Also wearing the SmartWool socks. Fantastic socks and ones I wouldn't ever run without! They are the best by far of anything that I have ever worn.

Training for tomorrow will be: an easy 15 min warm-up run followed by 8x (1 mn at 3 mile pace and 1 min easy jog), then an easy 5 min run, then 4x 1 mile @ 10-15 seconds faster than marathon pace with 3 min jog in between. After the running I'll do a 15 mile easy spin. Looking forward to tomorrow! Training food and snacks remain the same for Thursday. Hydration kicked up a notch.

On another subject. My Pull Float and Kickboard arrived today for swim training. Yea! Not quite like the excitement when new shoes arrive, but close!

Forward we go! May your roads, trails, and pools be happy and safe and may they bring you peace of mind!

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