Sunday, April 11, 2010

Boston Update 1

Over the next two weeks my plan is to write each night about what I have done that day in preparation for the Boston Marathon which is April 19th and the Big Sur Marathon which is April 25th. It's called the Boston to Big Sur Challenge and yes it looked appealing to me to do. I believe they had around 500 slots to give out at Big Sur to those that were doing both. So from Massachuesetts to California here we go! I will try and convey to you what it is like to go through all of this while also training for an Ironman in June too.

So when I first ran Boston in 2007 there was a terrible storm the night before and also the day of. Thought ok, I've done Boston, now on to other things. I really did not dream I would be able to qualify and come back again. I was surprised during the past few months to have 3 qualifying time races and be able to come back to Boston in 2010. I have been blessed to be able to do these things.

In my household, it's Boston week. That means time to get things moving and started for the trip. Last night my wife and I spent much of the evening with my marathon notebook which basically organizes me from now until we land back home for this portion of the journey. She and the notebook honestly take over from now on. It has times of where and when to do things from boarding planes to what and when I eat and train to hotel and restaurant information. There is also the all important checklist of things to take from clothes to food. We also started early discussions for the Big Sur too. We only have one day turn around before we have to leave for California. So that was last night.

Today I spent 25 miles on the bike trainer doing intervals and some easy spinning. Followed that up with a good two hour nap and in betwen lots of hydration and protein. Evening church and unfortunately out to dinner where the meal didn't settle at all. Bad mistake on my part. And it was my idea where to go. Stomach doesn't feel good at all right now. Will go over course map before bed and also add to stack of things that I am taking which right now commands the dining room table.

How do feel right now? Well other than the dinner part, I am very excited and ready to run. Butterflies come and go but mostly stay. Trying to keep food and hydration a priority. Concerned about the the four hills around Newton and that includes Heartbreak Hill. Didn't run them very well in '07 and have a score to settle with them. Maybe right now they are taking up too much of my mental energy. Have been having allergy trouble since every tree in Kansas seems to be blooming right now and the wind has been terrible. Also have a tight spot above my right hip area in the hip flexor zone that I am a little worried about. Hopefully that will loosen up a bit this week. Other than all of that, I feel pretty good.

Tomorrow's training includes an early morning swim and a 20 mile spin in the evening. Oh yeah, and work. That's right, focus! Early to bed after I fix tomorrow's food and supplements.

Talk to you tomorrow night!
Forward we go! May your roads, trails, and pools be happy and safe and bring you peace of mind!

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