Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Boston Update 3

Hope you had a great day. Well, first of all, a correction is in order. For lunch yesterday I told you that I had flatbread. Well, they are called "Flatouts". I was close. Since tomorrow (Wed) is a swim day, breakfast will switch to natural peanut butter and whole wheat crackers. The rest of the menu for the day will be exactly the same.

Which brings us to, "What to eat on a travel day?". I don't eat airport food under any circumstance heading into or out of a race. Never have, hope I never have to. Always take food along. Friday's travel day will be a challenge since we leave our destination at 3:30PM and arrive in Boston at 10:20PM. Will need to figure out the food plan on this one. I will fill you in when I come up with it. Yes I know there are great restaurants in airports now. And yes I know they are probably ok. But I had the unfortunate experience one time of watching a sub sandwich move and trade places with a turkey sandwich in a glass case in an airport many years ago. Not a good sight. Have not eaten at an airport since. Bottle water, yes. Food no.

Training for tomorrow consists of morning swim and an afternoon run of 30 minutes with 4-6 accelerations. After the run, a 25 mile spin. Hydration and food become more and more important each day. So my routine just gets even more strict.

Tonight the suitcases are out and the packing begins. We are flying on Southwest so at least there will be no charges. I still always have the debate on whether to check my running clothes and shoes or carry them on. As a rule I never check my running gear. I will need to decide that tonight as well. I know many of you never worry and always have good luck but with plane changes and all, I just don't know. I like to have things with me. My wife thought we got rid of the diaper bag during travel many years ago, but since I started running, it lives again!

Just to let you know some statistics on my running. This will be my 25th marathon and I have also run 5 ultras from 30 miles to 50. I ran my first marathon in Chicago in 2002 in the time of 5:43. My fastest qualifying time for Boston was a 3:26 at the Eugene Marathon in May of 2009. There were many other times sprinkled in between those numbers but actually each time I find a new respect for any distance and any time run.

Time to go pack and focus more on Boston and to feel the emotion of race day and the bus ride to the runners village and the emotional walk to the start. And to think about the finish and respect the many thousands of famous and not so famous men and women that have crosed that finish line. Hey, I read today that Wednesday is "Paint the Starting Line Day" in Hopkinton. What did the starting line look like at the first Boston Marathon? I wonder.

Talk to you tomorrow night!

May your roads, trails and pools be happy and safe and may they give you peace of mind!

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