Friday, April 23, 2010

Big Sur Marathon Update 2

Time at the Expo was well spent today as there were several people to talk to about the course and their experiences with the race. It was helpful to hear the different versions. I have looked at the course map several times and will watch the video tomorrow that shows the actual layout.

Most of the first 10 miles are downhill with the major hill starting at mile 10 and going up for the next two miles. Then it's down until about mile 15 then there are some rolling hills to the finish. Many people said it's not the "up" that gets you but the "down" part that burns the quads. It will be extremely important to get a smart start to the race and have good energy for the hill and then be able to sustain that energy throughout the second half of the race. Especially after Boston.

I have decided to run with one of the Clif Bar Pace Teams just to keep my pace solid and also to gain more knowledge of the course as we go. That will be a big help for my race startegies. I have not decided the exact pace I am going to run. That may be a race morning decision.

This evening was spent taking in the sights of Cannert Row which is close to whre we are staying. Ate dinner at a great restaurant named the Fish Hopper. I think we were there about 2 hours. The food was amazing and the service was especially attentive. Evening by the ocean is a great treat when you are from Kansas. I know, waves are waves, but when you compare there to waves from a Kansas lake, come on...not goona even go there. As the tide rolled in, it was beautiful to hear the waves crashing up on the shore.

Felt better today on my run. My left knee is a bit sore but the quads and hamstrings are improving. Will cut back some tomorrow and do a 3 mile run and some pool training. Also, most of the day will be spent holtelbound and resting. I will go back to the Expo at 1:00PM to meet and hear Dean Karnazes speak. He will be running the maraton and I am a huge fan of his accomplishments! Then back to the hotel for naps and hydrating and food. Bedtime tomorrow night will be around 8:30 since race day morning will start with a 3:30AM wake-up and then catch the runner bus to the start at 4:30 for the 6:45AM start. Forecast is for dold temps in the 40's at the start warming into the 60's during the later part of the day. Wind will be in our faces most of the time. Have picked out race clothes and will probably change my mind a few more times as I find out more about the weather. I will have alternatives in my drop bag to take care of the unknowns I hope. Eating so early will pose somewhat of a challeng. My usual race scheduke will just have to take an earlier version.

It's late and I need to get the body in bed to rest. Will post early tomorrow evening and then hit the bed early.

Forward we go! May your roads, trails, and pools be happy and safe and bring you peace of mind!

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